Obama Birth Certificate Likely FAKE – Should Obama Be Impeached?

Obama Birth Certificate Likely FAKE

There is a new furor over the just released Obama birth certificate. The sides are already forming and people are getting ready to battle and defend their opinions.

There are so many very odd things about the certificate acording to many experts that there is more than a little question to just how much has this been altered and is not even a very good job besides. This certaintly should raise eyebrows and make one wonder just what is going on and why.

What no one seems to want to address is one very simple and unquestioned set of facts.

Obama in the first days of his taking office, ordered his birth certificate sealed and would not allow anyone to see it. His other records soon followed such as his college record and they were sealed also.

Since that time, now about 2 1/2 years later, all of a sudden a very questionable document that is supposed to be a copy of his actual birth certificate is released. Really!

After Obama has spent literally millions of taxpayer dollars sealing his birth certificate and other records – after his administration has attacked and tried in every way to discredit anyone who would so much as dare to question his birth – after reporters have been dragged from a press conference for even asking the question – NOW he comes out with a document that he announces by breaking into Donald Trump’s television show during prime time no less.

REGUARDLESS of the truth or falsehood of this birth document which should be completely investigated and a real determination made – the FACT that he sealed his records but everyone else in this country has to show their birth certificate at times – that he spent millions of taxpayer dollars keeping his records  hidden – that he has taken two and one-half YEARS to even give any kind of answer about his birth  – ALL OF THIS is more than sufficient to have Obama impeached from the President’s Office!

Either he knowingly lied during his oath of office taking it as a supposed citizen of the USA, but knowing full well that he was not OR there is something else going on that would be exposed by too closely looking at his past and his records and he can not have that exposed.

We do need to know just what is the real answer. But his actions demonstrate that he is not fit to hold the office of the President and needs to be removed. No one in the presidents office needs to have their public records hidden under any circumstance. Because he did just that, shows that he has something to hide that, if exposed, would seriously effect his election to president.

After he is removed from office, then we must see if he is actually a citizen and qualified to have held the office to determine whether or not all the laws signed in his term will be valid or nullified completely.

Another possible reason for this very questionable document to be released now is simply to divide the nation and take attention away from other more important things we should be addressing. Things like the dollar dropping in value, our economy not recovering and getting worse, jobs draining from our country and being involved in more wars around the world than ever. Oh, sorry they are not "wars" but "police actions" or "humanitarian help".

The 2012 election race is set to begin, and new life is being given to the "Birther" and  "Teaparty" movements. For Obama to have even a remote chance of winning, the only option he has is to somehow divide the Republican and Independent movements into enough splinter groups to allow the Democrats and him to win the election.

If that is his real intention, then it looks like he may very well succeed in his bid. While everyone is bickering over the birth certificate issue, the rest of our country is going down the tubes as quick as a roller coaster and it may not even matter who finally gets into office should the dollar completely tank before the election.

And please, don’t bother to say that it is not going to happen. Anyone who still thinks that way is simply uninformed and sticking their head into the sand. The dollar is going to be devalued – the only question is WHEN and just how far it may fall.

When that happens, that will be the end of this great country as we know it and we will virtually overnight became a third world country with all the terrible consequences that come with the fall.

Want to know just what some of consequences may be? Then look up Argentina and what happened to them. We are looking at OUR FUTURE because the same path will be our lot or worse.

We do still have a chance to stop this, but it will never happen when we allow our government to take away our rights, give away our country’s worth, take away our individual rights, and step by step take more and more control over ever aspect of our lives until we are no more than a robot.

Wake up people or one morning you will wake up to the storm trouper knocking down your door and dragging you and your family off to some camp forever. Then you will have a lot of time to think about what you should have done.

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