Obama Is Working “Under The Radar” To Attack Our Second Amendment

"gun control" is not about controling guns but is All About Control Of YOU! 

There was a little noticed quote found in the Washington Post early this month that has been given virtually NO media attention.

Obama spoke to gun control advocate Sarah Brady and apparently told her that his administration is working "under the radar" to attack the second amendment rights of American citizens.

This is complete and utter nonsense and instead of trying to remove our population’s right to carry a firearm, the administration should be promoting the expansion of people having a firearm.

It was during a March 30th meeting between Jim and Sarah Brady and the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, that Obama happened to stop in on the meeting.

There he reportedly told Brady, "I just want you to know that we are working on it (gun control)…We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar" and this quote appeared in an April 11th Washington Post story about Obama’s gun control czar Steve Croley.

The most shocking thing is that this story has been totally ignored by the rest of the media writes Jeff Knox. It seems that even those at the Brady group are not spreading this stunning reassurance from the president. They do not have anything on their website discussing or even mentioning that Obama had a chat with Jim and Sara Brady.

The administration and Obama have repeatedly brought up the concern about the flow of guns being smuggled from the U.S. into Mexico and attempted to use it as a point with which to help chill and remove the gun rights of American citizens.

Obama’s administration and himself are very good at "talking the talk" about gun problems and saying that much of Mexico’s problems with the drug cartels stem from guns purchased in the US and taken down to Mexico. This creates more violence and killings because they are so well armed.

Is this true – most likely it is.

But Obama’s administration apparently forgot that recently it was discovered  that once again the U.S. government itself was directly responsible for smuggling guns over the border into Mexico which ended up directly in the hands of the Mexican drug lords.

This operation deemed "Fast and Furious" by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, "Sanctioned the purchase of weapons in the U.S. gun shops and tracked the smuggling route to the Mexican border. Reportedly, more than 2,500 firearms were sold to straw buyers who then handed off the weapons to gunrunners under the nose of the ATF."

Now just what was the purpose of this delivery of  over 2,500 firearms to the drug lords? According to the ATF the program was an attempt to identify criminals by seeing where the gun ended up. REALLY that makes a lot of sense – not even!

But ops, once they were across the border into Mexico, "the agency seemed to lose track of the weapons" Laura Carlsen reported. The firearms ended up in Mexico’s ruthless crime gangs – the very ones that have been killing U.S. border agents and other innocent people in our boarder states.

What happened when Obama was confronted on this issue, he simply denied all knowledge of the program.

WHAT? You don’t know anything about a program of this magnitude. Well, either you have a very poor memory Mr. Obama or your staff is really incompetent and are not even close to doing their job in keeping you abreast of all the items your administration is doing that you SHOULD KNOW about!

So which are we to believe, because both possibilities show how badly your administration is at doing their job.

We do have crime all over this country and in many areas it is increasing – and this is not just someone jay-walking across the street. This is serious crimes like robbery, car jacking, muggings, and even murder.

The police are not able to keep up, when they actually try that is and the average citizen is at risk and in many areas in actual danger when walking down the street. This is not a situation that should exist when there is an easy answer.

One very valid solution is to have everyone carrying a small handgun and letting everyone know that this is the norm rather than the exception.

Now that suggestion is going to set off a lot of people who think that guns should be tightly controled.

But these people are WRONG. And here is why they are wrong.

The criminal element can and will obtain guns no matter how stringent or difficult you make gun ownership to be. That is a fact that no one can dispute. This then puts the average citizen at a severe disadvantage as they have no recourse to defend themselves. Gun control only works for the law abiding citizen not the criminal element.

Let’s face it – It is a bit difficult to argue with someone who is holding a gun in your face or on your family. You don’t have much of a choice or option to act.

BUT – if you make it mandatory that everyone qualified actually HAVE A GUN and provide training in the handling and care of the gun and then advertise that your town citizens are going to be armed – can you guess what happens?

In those few areas where they have actually done something like this - the crime rate has dropped down to next to nothing!

Did you get that – the crime rate has dropped off the chart because none of the criminals are willing to chance robbing someone, breaking into someone’s home, or attacking them when they don’t know if they or others around them are packing!

So, if you have a lot of crime and gang activity in the poorer sections of some of our cities or anywhere else, the answer is to:

  • Arm the general population.
  • Teach them to use the guns in a responsible manner.
  • Prosecute those who misuse the guns as they are responsible for their actions.

And you will find that the crime rate goes way down and  the gangs and criminals will find somewhere else to go ply their ways.

This is a solution that can and will work as it has worked in other communities already.

The solution Mr. Obama is not to take away our guns and our rights, but get more of them out there.

Do you think the shooter of Mr. Brady would have been quite as bold if he thought that all the people in the crowd have a gun and were ready, willing, and able to pull it out and shoot back at him at the first shot?

It is something to really think about now is it not?



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