Obama thinks your “freedom of speech” violates government workers rights.

Freedom Of Speech is our right and obligation to protect.

The Obama administration seems to have a selective idea of just what "freedom of speech" and "personal rights" actually means in America. This has implications for all of us in being able to make our health choices and decide for ourselves what products we do and do not want.

At a gathering of U.S. governors in Washington, DC, President Obama verbally castigated those who he feels are violating the "rights of public employees" by criticizing them. What he was referring to was the Wisconsin state workers fighting to prevent their legislature from passing a bill that would remove their right to collective bargaining and the right to strike. Something that has become fundamental throughout most of our country today.

What he may have been making a reference to was those Wisconsin Democrats that left the state to avoid having to vote on Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal. But his statements most likely also are directed at all the people opposed to the pro-union protests taking place around the country. Whatever the initial target of his statements, this sends a chilling message direct from the top that speaking out against "government abuse and excess" is a violation of the rights of those workers.

Now just what does Obama not understand about the section on "free speech" in our Bill Of Rights? Since when does this mean a selective application where one group has the right to speak but another group is violating their "rights" when they do. We can not have it both ways EVER!

Either everyone has the right to speak their mind, or no one will have that right and we will become a completely controlled society. But that is exactly where we seem to be heading.

We seem to be heading toward a society that is only allowed to speak what the government wants to hear and everything else is labeled as outlandish, anti-American, inflammatory, crazy, stupid, or violating someone else’s rights. Does this bring to mind a ring of what was going on in Germany during Hitler’s rein? If not it should because you can see the very same methods and parallels here today that happened there. Go read up and see what I am talking about.

Under the Bill Of Rights, "free speech", is an obligation. Our right to speak out against government fraud or fraud in any other sector and those that benefit from it is necessary to any truly free society. It is our absolute right to voice our opinion, and while I may not at all agree with your opinion, I totally support your right to be heard at any time or place. Without this in place, we will never be able to have an open and free society.

This makes Obama’s association of the violation of rights of "some" when exercising your absolute right to speak out and voice your opinion so dangerous and such a threat to American freedom. This can never be tolerated by anyone, especially from those at the top of our government. They should be the ones who protect that right the most, not the ones trying to take that away.

Obama quickly defended the supposed rights of the government workers, but has remained strangely silent on the rights of individuals who do not work for the government. Do only government employees deserve free speech?

Why are we, the people, not being heard concerning GMO crops. Every poll or survey shows that the vast majority of people do not want nor would purchase GMO products IF they knew what they were. That is solved by the simple fact of having NO labeling law in place to let us make any choice. While many attempts have been made to introduce such a bill, always they have died even before any debate could be take up. So where is our rights?

There seems to be a pattern here where the Obama administration supports the rights of some but not the rights of all.

What about the TSA scanners being used.

The right of us to not have our privacy and person violated with a pat-down that would put you in jail if you did it to someone. However it is perfectly ok as long as the government is doing it. And let’s not even go into the supposed "safety" this is giving us. The scanner have been proven time and time again to be worthless in actually catching someone determined to do harm. They have been covertly tested by many various security firms and have failed each and every time.

What about our right to choose the type of health care we have. Under Obamacare you would have little choice about anything. But the administration has had no trouble giving special exemptions to insiders, public officials, and even many corporations. They don’t have to live by the same rules. Yet who is speaking out against this? Few because those that do are quickly labeled as troublemakers, outsiders or the fringe element and not a part of "our America". I hope you can see the irony in all of this. "Their rights" are not yours or mine it would seem.

What about the right to not be vaccinated if you choose not to – does the government have the right to mandate that? Try and speak out about this issue and you may find out just how limited your freedom of speech is today.

Do we have to right to choose what is put into our drinking water? The government is telling us we do not and goes ahead and does what they want despite many who are against putting floride in our drinking supply. Again try speaking out on this issue and see how quickly your own government officials label you as a "troublemaker".

Freedom Of Speech is quickly becoming an endangered right.  There is only one way to ensure that we still have the right to say our mind. We must demand that we have that right and not let anyone or anything take it away .

Soon we may not have the option of having Herbals available or even Health Choices, certainly not if Big Pharma has its way. If our right to speak out is taken away, then we will not be able to say anything about that product that helped us or even find anything out about it as all of that would not be "government approved speech" now would it.

Can you imagine a country where all you know comes only from "approved sources" meaning the government. Does Orwell’s 1984 ring a bell with you. If you have not read that please do. It will scare you right out of the chair because you can see it happening around you daily in our real world now. Something I never thought could happen.

If you want a real example, think about the USSR only a few years ago, or even China during their Cultural Revolution.

Sitting by and letting someone else stand up for us is no longer going to work. Everyone must get involved or we will wake up one morning and not have the right to speak our mind at all or even make our own choices. Is that a world you want to live in?

You must decide.

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