Forensic Evidence Shows European E-Coli Superbug Likely Bioengineered


Superbug Bacteria Bioengeneered by someone - care to guess who?

New evidence has come to light that the superbug strain of E-Coli making its way across the EU and leaving a trail of sick and dead, was a laboratory creation. Yet no one is talking about this in the news.

Why does this look like a bioengineered bacteria. Well, this E-Coli variation is a member of the O104 Strain. O104 strains are normally not resistant to antibiotics. For any strain to acquire this trait, they must be repeatedly exposed to antibiotics to create "mutation pressure" that pushes them toward drug resistance.

Now this can and does happen all the time. We have other superbugs like MRSA that are well known and a growing problem and MRSA treatment has the same problem. But this is the first E-Coli strain to demonstrate this type of resistance.

That it comes from the O104 group is unusual by itself. The fact that it is resistant to EIGHT DIFFERENT CLASSES OF ANTIBIOTIC DRUGS all at the same time and then suddenly appears in the food supply is in the realm of science fiction. It simply could not happen in the real world.

Yet, here it is – right now – spreading and sickening and killing people. Where did it come from and how did it get onto the vegetables in the first  place – remember any E-Coli is NOT a plant based disease, but an animal disease. It may be on the vegetables but they could never create the organism in the first place.

It turns out that there is a way to determine how this came about. You can basically reverse engineer the genetic code of the E-Coli strain and determine with a good degree of accuracy which antibiotics it was exposed to during its life cycle development.

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German Hunt For Deadly E-Coli Source Increased


Search for Germany E-Coli Infection intensified.


This is important to all of us as there are now reports of this infection showing up in many countries including our USA.

Germany wants to find the source of this dangerous infection and if they can do that it would make it much easier to trace possibly contaminated items and stop them going to market.

Germany has set a task force to attempt to do just that in the hopes of stopping any more deaths.

The basic response to this outbreak has been for authorities to tell you to avoid some raw vegetables. Only problem with that is just how are they determining what vegetables are contaminated? This is impacting the German farmers and others like the Spanish produce industry.

Somehow or other, reports were put out that the infection was on Spanish cucumbers – just how that was determined no one seems to know. The result of this report was that all kinds of Spanish produce was not sellable in other EU countries.

The fact that this roomer has no basis at all in fact did not seem to make difference. What makes this even more silly is that the media was reporting this in a way that led people to believe that the Vegetables themselves were the source of the contamination.

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E-Coli Outbreak Update – Media Not Telling The Whole Story


Dangerous E-Coli now confirmed as new superbug strain.

More information about the new strain of E-Coli has come to light. It is raising worldwide alarm as it is showing itself to be "extremely aggressive and toxic". And it is also "resistant to antibiotics" which makes it one of the world’s first superbug food infection on record.

The problem is that most of the reports you are reading in the mainstream media has many of the facts wrong and is not reporting the story correctly.

I have to admit, I left out a lot of important information myself as I concentrated on the crazy response in the EU to the fear of contamination in other countries of their vegetables. Hence, this update to help give you more needed information.

This is not about cucumbers being dangerous by being contaminated with e-coli – because e-coli does not grow on cucumbers.

So just where does it come from then? E-Coli is an intestinal strain of bacteria that only exists inside the digestive track of animals (including us). So the actual source of the infection is ANAMAL rather than vegetable.

The vegetables can get contaminated but only if they come into contact with the waste material of infected animals. Sort of a different animal (pun intended) altogether.

Are you hearing this from mainstream media? Nope not at all. The aim of this appears to be to scare everyone into not wanting to purchase vegetables that "may be contaminated". And it seems to be working quite well.


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E Coli Outbreak Claims More Victims – What to do?


E Coli outbreak calims more victums - is it on the way to the U.S?


An article in the Wall Street Journal was reporting that the outbreak of the bacteria E-Coli had now claimed some more lives. The total dead from this current infection has now reached 16 people. There are around 400 sever cases of the disease where the infected are seriously ill.

Previously, this outbreak had centered in the northern area of Germany, but has now spread to at least six other European countries.

There is no real cause of the infection determined so far. They think that it may be related to some vegetables, but no one knows.


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Worry About Your Cancer Gene Overstated – Risk Gene Research Found To Be Inaccurate


Your Genetic Test may be flawed in the research - your worry could be misplaced.

With the upsurge in genetic testing and the finding of so-called markers for various diseases, many people have tried to be pro-active and have done expensive testing and even surgery to try and avoid their genetic fate.

This has included some women even having a mastectomy to prevent a future breast cancer because of their genetic marker for the disease.

But a new study has found that the research done on the association between the genes and other biomarkers and getting different diseases is vastly overstated.

What you and your doctor thought you knew is not true – that you are pretty much doomed to eventually get a certain disease so you need to be vigilant and have regular expensive testing to try and catch it early and minimize the problem.


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