Paronychia (Nail Infection)

Paronychia (Nail Infection)
Paronychia - Nail Infection


Blast Away Your Nail Infection Easily

Who hasn’t gotten a paronychia infection on their finger at some time or other. Thankfully, often it is mild and does not cause us too much trouble.

The problem is that unless you take it as a potentially serious condition, it may develop into just that with devastating consequences.

Today there is an all natural herbal product that stands head and shoulders above anything else in the marketplace which can go a long way in helping to keep this infection from getting worse being a major difficulty.

Paronychia Description
Paronychia is an infection that runs along the edge of a fingernail or toenail. It is the most common hand infection and can progress to a very serious infection of the entire finger or toe if left untreated.

It is often caused by common skin bacterial entering around the nail or toenail edge that has been damaged in some way. The bacterial that is found most often is Staphylococcus aureus.

It may also be caused by a Toenail Fungus or a Nail Fungus of the fingernail.

Chronic paronychia usually occurs in those who habitually engage in wet work where a secondary infection is caused by Candida albicans

Paronychia Symptoms
Paronychia starts as a redness and swelling around the nail. It can show up on  the fingernail or the toe nail. It is sore to the touch and may have mild to severe pain and may also have a yellow-green color that indicates an infected area filled with pus has formed under the skin (an abscess).

If the redness extends past the skin around your nail to goes to the pad of your finger or toe, you should have your doctor look at it as this may indicate a more serious infection is developing and not just a nail fungus or mild bacterial infection

If an abscess has formed, this needs to be attended to and drained, again have your doctor look at it.

If you see that the redness has gone down your finger or you are unable to move the joint of the finger, you should get to you doctor at once or to the emergency room at the hospital. You may or may not have an accompanying fever with this, but the infection is much more serious and could even be life threatening if it would pass into the blood stream.

Paronychia Nail Infection Treatment Options
Fungal Nail Treatment begins at home with soaking in a mixture of warm water and antibacterial soap at 50% – 50% concentrations. Do this 3 or 4 times a day.

An abscess will need to be drained and treated by your doctor who may pack the abscess to allow further drainage.

If the infection is severe, then a course of antibiotics may be prescribed.  It is important to follow up with the doctor in 24-48 hours to make sure that the infection is in check and it is healing properly.

Using a natural herbal product may be the better choice as it can address the infection causing the problem, prevent any further infection from gaining a foothold and aid the body in healing.

The product of choice is Alligin.

What Actually Works
Even if the infection is mild, it is advisable to be proactive and address the issue before it becomes more serious.

The most effective way of doing this is to use Alligin – the all natural herbal product that can address the bacterial infection and remove it. If your nail infection is fungal in nature. Alligin also works against fungal infections as it is broad spectrum in its anti-microbial activity.

This is a better choice, especially today, as the bacterium that usually causes this is now multi-drug resistant and will most likely not respond to anything except possibly the strongest antibiotics or a combination of antibiotics. And all antibiotics have side effects of some sort and destroy the body’s immune system and digestive bacteria.

Alligin has no side effects, will not damage the immune system, actually helps boost the immune system making it stronger, and has no effect on the digestive bacteria but does destroy the harmful  invading bacteria causing the infection.

You will also use the Allicin bases AlliGEL – both together will be able to address the infection in an effective manner and send it packing.

Paronychia Treatment Regimen
Apply AlliGEL directly to the infected area, just a few drops per day will be needed. Do this several times a day.

Take 2-4 (up to 800 mg per day) Alligin capsules every day to get rid of any systemic infection (this is very common with Candida) and continue taking them at a reduced rate of 1-2 per day after the infection clears to prevent it from returning.

When we find something that "works" in the real world, we will unabashedly tell you to go buy it and provide a way to do that if possible.

Why?  -  When a natural alternative product has demonstrated its effectiveness, then that product needs to be both supported and promoted. By doing so, we hope to bring the benefits of the product to a larger number of people and with their help and interest attempt to keep that product available in the marketplace.

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