Peptic Ulcer

Peptic Ulcer
Peptic Ulcer

Want To Get Rid Of That Stomach Ulcer – Try A Different Approach

Stomach Ulcer (peptic ulcer) suffers down huge numbers of anacid tablets and liquids annually and still deal with the pain and discomfort of the stomach ulcers.

Medications really don’t help because they don’t go to the real cause of the problem. Most prescription items just try to reduce the amount of acid production to relieve some of the pain, but that is a terrible approach – less acid means less digestion in the stomach – more burden placed on the intestines to do what the stomach is not – and potentially a larger problem if the lining of the stomach is compromised that will be far worse than the pain of the ulcer.

A different approach is what you should be doing. One that offers a natural solution and addresses the real problem that created the ulcer condition in the first place. Read on and see for yourself how this better approach is working for so many.

Peptic Ulcer Description
A Peptic Ulcer is a breach in the lining of the digestive tract caused by digestion of the mucosa by pepsin and acid. There is often pain and bleeding in the affected area.

A peptic ulcer can be found in the esophagus, the stomach, duodenum or jejunum. Ulcers are extremely common and for many years the medical profession had been convinced that the main cause was an overproduction of stomach acid.

However we now know that even people with low volumes of stomach acid can get ulcers and interestingly stomach cancer is actually very common in people who cannot produce ANY stomach acid at all

Peptic Ulcer Symptoms
Often a stomach ulcer may not have any symptoms. When symptoms are there they may include:

  • A burning pain in the middle or upper stomach between meals and especially at night.
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dark or black stool (because of bleeding)
  • Vomiting blood
  • Weight loss
  • Severe pain in the mid or upper abdomen

These symptoms are common to most types of ulcers besides the Pepic Ulcer.

Even though most ulcers can take care of themselves and are likely temporary, you should not ignore them or their warring signs. They can lead to more serious and even life threatening conditions such as a perforation of the stomach wall or blockage of the intestine due to swelling.

Peptic Ulcer Treatment Options
The UlcersTreatment will depend largely on the severity of your symptoms. For many, they are not bothered enough to require any further action. For those who are having more difficulties, a number of things may be required.

First you can change your lifestyle to get rid of things that you know make the ulcer flare up. Stress management is an important component as increased stress can lead to more stomach acid production and more irritation of the ulcer.

There are Proton pump medications (PPI) that reduce the acid level in the stomach and help the ulcer to heal. They have their own problems and there is some evidence to indicate that they may do more harm than good overall. Think carefully about these and consult with your health professional before deciding on this approach.

Use of Antibiotics to attempt to remove the H. Pylori ( Helicobacter Pylori)  infection, the most common cause of all ulcers. This has limited success in reality and there is also the unwanted side-effect of destroying your immune system along with the bacteria.

Surgery is pretty much the last resort. Any surgery is risky and only if no other approaches have been successful should you consider this option.

One very much overlooked method is the use of an herbal supplement that actually has a better track record than anything else. This is a product called Alligin.

What Actually Works
Most of the actions such as diet change, exercise, stress management all aid in controlling and living with an ulcer.

The various drugs that can be used to treat symptoms also can work – just be aware that all drugs will have their own side-effects and you will have to deal with them too. It does little good to get rid of one symptom and simply replace it with one from the drug that may be even worse to contend with. Or even worse cause the primary condition to worsen and become even more of a problem.

The one herbal product that really can be helpful and effective is Alligin.

Alligin is extremely effective in acting against and helping to eliminate the H. Pylori bacteria. Get rid of the most likely cause of the ulcer and the body will heal itself. Alligin can also address many other potential causes as it is very broad spectrum nature – being effective on a very wide range of bacteria and viruses besides jug H. Pylori.

Peptic Ulcer Treatment Regimen
You will need to take a relatively large dose of  Aligin (6 to 7 capsules a day) over a 2-4 week period to prevent the release of urea and to enable the allicin to penetrate the protective lining of the stomach so as
to seek and destroy the Helicobacter infection.

Take your capsules every day, either all in one go or spread out over the day. If you are already on a course of antibiotics then this dose should be cut in half and since you are on the antibiotics and they have most likely already effected your immune system and intestinal flora, you have little to use.

Be certain to continue on the Alligin at 2 or more capsules a day to protect yourself from other infections while your immune system rebuilds, and use the PrePro to rebuild the intestinal flora back to a normal state.

However, if the combination doesn’t clear the infection then try using just Alligin at the increased dosage level and add the PrePro.


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