Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts
Plantar or Planar Warts

New Natural Herbals Eliminates Those Unsightly Plantar Warts For Good

Plantar wart suffers find they must search for and try many different approaches in discovering what works for them. For those who find the warts painful and difficult to remove, there is new hope and a new way of removing the warts -  naturally, safely and without side effects using herbal products.

This defiantly is a much safer option than the other types of treatments available.

Plantar Wart Description
Plantar warts (Foot Wart) can show up on any part of your foot.  It is a skin growth caused by a virus called the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are more than 100 known types of HPV Warts that can infect the top layer of skin. They are more common among young children and young adults.

Often they are very flat and round and oval and are sometimes referred to as Flat Warts.

It is common to contract Plantar warts in warm most areas such as swimming pools and showers.

Because they are caused by a virus, they are harder to treat as they do not respond to antibiotics.

Plantar Wart Symptoms
They sometimes have dark specks visible beneath the surface. Pressure from standing or walking can push a plantar wart beneath the skin which causes a thick, tough skin layer to form similar to a callus. As this grows in size walking can become painful as if you had a pebble in your shoe.

Plantar Wart Treatment Options
Not always will the wart need to be treated. If you are not bothered by its look or feel, then simply leave it alone and eventually your body may be able to handle it and eliminate it.

Your goal in treating the wart is to remove it without causing scar tissue to form as this can be more painful than the wart itself.

Self treatment begins with OTC products such as salicylic acid or a freezing product. This will usually remove the wart, however it may show back up or appear in another area as you have not actually destroyed the cause of the wart the virus.

Some people have reported fair success by using duct tape for wart removal. Odd as this may sound, it apparently can help remove the wart infected skin by cutting off the air to the wart long enough for the body to reject the affected area and attempt to replace the skin. It would seem that this is a fairly lengthy process with only some results. There may be some concern due to the extended time the tape remains on the skin. If done incorrectly, there might be more harm than good and will not give you the warts removal you were looking for. Other and better options are available that seem safer.

Other options available from your doctor pose a much greater risk and are usually only considered in very severe cases. They involve potent drugs with many side effects you will have to deal with.

The All Natural Option

There is another option that is much safer and eaiser to use. It is an all natural herbal product without side effects and actually works better than OTC items or even much of what your doctor may do.

The product is called AlliGEL.

What Actually Works  
For some warts, OTC items are all you may need, the next option is a visit to the doctor for a freezing treatment or medications.

Keep in mind that the freezing may only work on the visible wart and will not destroy the virus that is causing it. The wart may appear somewhere else or even in the same spot.

An All Natural Herbal Approach

The better option is to use the all-natural herbal products AlliGEL and Alligin.

Dr. Peter Josling states that the AlliGEL can destroy the virus that causes the Plantar Wart (somtimes called Planters Wart)  where there is little help with any sort of prescriptions. AlliGEL s used topically.

AlliGEL has no adverse side effects, is easy in application, and an effective treatment for Plantar Wart removal.

Plantar Treatment Regimen
Use AlliGEL after washing, once a day, until the warts disappear.

In addition take 1 or 2 Alligin capsules to help prevent the spread of the virus to another part of your body and to attack the wart from the inside as well as the outside.

 Buy Plantar Wart Treatment Now

When we find something that "works" in the real world, we will unabashedly tell you to go buy it and provide a way to do that if possible.

Why?  -  When a natural alternative product has demonstrated its effectiveness, then that product needs to be both supported and promoted. By doing so, we hope to bring the benefits of the product to a larger number of people and with their help and interest attempt to keep that product available in the marketplace.

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Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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