Pneumonia Infection

Natural Herb Kicks The Standard Drug Treatments To The Curb And Works Better

With all of the respiratory problems being caused by increased pollution in our cities air, it is no wonder that the incidence of Pneumonia is increasing especially among the young adults and children.

With Viral Pneumonia on the rise, there are little options the medical community can offer to help as there are few antiviral drugs available.

A natural herbal product is proving that nature really does know best and is beating the pants off of the standard drug treatment for both bacterial and viral pneumonia.

Pneumonia Description
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and you can become very sick and even require hospitalization.

You can contract a case of pneumonia anytime in your daily life and especially if you are in the hospital. Often you may contract pneumonia after you have had a bout of the flu or a cold. They have weakened your lungs and made you more susceptible to the infection.

The two most common types of pneumonia are atypical pneumonia and bronchopneumonia.

 Atypical pneumonia (viral pneumonia)  is often caused by viruses, chlamydia (such as those caught from birds in psittacosis), mycoplasma or the Legionella bacillus of  egionnaires disease. Atypical pneumonia also involves the nervous system and digestive tract to cause confusion, hallucinations and diarrhoea.

Bronchopneumonia can result from the invasion of a variety of organisms because of the lowered resistance of the body and the poor circulation through the lungs. The base of the lungs and the bronchi become slowly infected and collapse, leading to stupor, confusion and eventually death. This is often the bacterial pneumonia that is the most common.

Pneumonia is serious and life threatening and is especially a problem for pneumonia in children.  Very often a child may have walking pneumonia and not even be aware of it until the disease progresses far enough to cause serious problems.

Pneumonia Symptoms

 Symptoms of pneumonia  include high fever, flushed, dry skin, uncontrollable shivering, aching, malaise and a cough with viscid sputum.

You have chest pain, feel tired or weak, may have nausea and vomiting along with diarrhea.

Respiration is rapid and shallow and often painful.

Walking pneumonia has these symptoms also, but can start off with something feeling more like a simple chest cold and then progress to a very serious stage if not treated.

Pneumonia Symptoms

Pneumonia Treatment Options
Treatment will depend largely on the severity of your symptoms.

It can be as simple in young basically healthy adults as rest, good nutrition, and watching how the infection changes. Of course, this is the mildest case and will often clear up in less than a week.

Always get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

For more serious cases, the typical option is to use antibiotics if the cause of the pneumonia is bacteria in nature.

Should you have a viral pneumonia, then you will most likely NOT have any options from the standard medical community. There are only a very few types of viral pneumonia that they can treat such as Varicella Pneumonia.

Fortunately there actually are herbal options that can address both bacterial and viral pneumonia and do work.

Keep in mind that should you take the antibiotics and saying that they are effective, you are essentially completely destroying your entire immune system and also the digestive system in the colon. This needs to be address as you are left unprotected during the time where you stop the antibiotics and your body is able to rebuild its immune system and digestive system bacteria.

Once again, there are herbal products that will address this issue and not leave you unprotected.

What Actually Works
For bacterial pneumonia, the success rate is quite high for antibiotic treatments or simple rest and taking care of yourself for mild infections. Keep in mind that any antibiotic treatment will have both side effects and a very negitive effect on your immune system. You have to weigh the benifit against the potential good. A natural herbal option is the better choice and it really does work.

Viral pneumonia, however, is a different story and has extremely limited help from the standard medical community with only a few virus strains having any sort of workable treatment.

However, there are herbal products that do work well against viral pneumonia and are much safer with no side effects like drugs. They are called Alligin and PrePro.

Alligin is an all natural herbal product that acts effectively against BOTH bacterial and viral infectious agents and is able to eliminate them.

It has a proven track record and will work when you follow the recommended treatment protocals. Keep in mind that because this is a naturally based product, the results will be slower than you might have with drugs, but will actually do a more complete job in our opinion. Also, the Alligin will not harm the benifical bacterial of the digestive track as does the antibiotics. A big plus.

Along with the Alligin, you should consider using PrePro, a probiotic that will help boost your digestive syatem bacteria. This is important because having a robust digestive system is the first line of defense against other invading pathogens.

And even though what bacteria you have in your gut is not harmed by the Alligin, boosting it can only help your body to fight off the pneumonia or anything else that may come along too.

Pneumonia Treatment Regimen
Take 1800 mg  (9 capsules)  of Alligin capsules every day for at least 1 month and then reduce this gradually over the course of three months. If symptoms persist continue with the higher dose.


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