Evidence Points To New Psoriasis Treatment That Works Naturally

Are you one of the millions who deal with psoriasis every day?

Then a window of hope has opened for you because now there is available a better, all natural herbal product that has shown positive benefit for psoriasis sufferers.

No longer will you have only the drug options to pick from and all their potential problems and concerns.


Psoriasis Description
Psoriasis is a chronic but treatable auto-immune skin disease experienced by an estimated 80 million people around the world.

Psoriasis can greatly affect self-esteem and overall quality of life. It can develop anywhere on the skin, though it usually appears on the scalp, knees, elbows and torso. It also may affect the nails and joints.

The exact causes of psoriasis are complex and not fully understood, but genetic traits leading to abnormalities in the body’s response to infection are believed to be the underlying basis.

 A specialized type of white blood cell called a T cell has been identified as playing a key role in the inflammation that eventually leads to psoriasis plaques and related symptoms. These malfunctioning T cells travel to the surface of the skin and start an inflammatory reaction in which skin cells multiply 7 to 12 times faster than normal. The end result is the formation of psoriatic plaques.

Normally the skin cells grow and gradually flake off in about 4 weeks and new cells grow to replace those lost. With psoriasis, the skin cells grow in days instead of weeks which forms the thick patches characteristic of psoriasis.

Psoriasis Symptoms

Symptoms appear in different ways. The psoriasis can be mild having only small areas of the plaques. With moderate to severe psoriasis, skin becomes inflamed having raised red areas topped by loose, silvery and scaly skin.  If severe, the skin is itchy and tender and very large patches may form that are uncomfortable. Sometimes the patches can grow together and cover an entire area of the body such as the back -  this may be called Psoriasis Pustular.

For some, psoriasis may causes swollen joints which are tender and painful. This type can also affect the fingernails and toenails and dead skin may build up under the nails.

Scalp Psoriasis is more common than you would think and can sometimes be confused with dandruff.

Symptoms will appear and then disappear to once again flare back up. Sometimes this is in a somewhat regular pattern, but most often simply happens when it happens.

Psoriasis Treatment Options
To date the regular medical community has no Psoriasis cure. They do have many treatments available which can help control the symptoms.

The purpose of any standard medical treatment is to slow the rapid growth of skin cells which makes the psoriasis plaques.

These may be creams or ointments or lotions for moisturizing of the skin, shampoos or oils to treat the scalp, sunlight exposure helps to slow the cell growth, and always avoid anything that you know triggers an outbreak.

Next would be medications like calcipotriene, topical corticosteroids, Retinoids

Remember that many of these topical items are very potent – often you will vary the use of one with another on a weekly basis to minimize side effects.

Fortunately there are some herbal options that can be more effective that the current OTC or prescribed medications.

What Actually Works
The OTC items and the prescription drugs can work fairly well for many. Side-effects notwithstanding, you can see some results with the right combination of items which is really a trial and error search. Everyone is different and so are the treatments that may work just for you.

A better and more complete option is to use the all natural herbal products Alligin and AlliGEL. They have virtually no side effects or interactions with other medications or drugs. They are effective and produce better results for most – especially in difficult cases.

Alligin treatment for psoriasis fights back by reaching far beneath the skin to halt this psoriatic (too rapid multiplication of skin cells) process exactly where it starts – in the immune system.

Although there is no clinical evidence as of yet, the thought is that the Alligin helps the immune system to return to a more normal state and not be as hyperactive thus removing the mechanism that is creating the plaques allowing the remaining ones to heal over.

Psoriasis Treatment Regimen
Take around 1000 mg (5 or 6 capsules) of Alligin capsules a day for two weeks.

Reduce to 400 mg (2 capsules) for a further two weeks.

As a maintenance dose take just one Alligin capsule thereafter to help prevent further attacks.

Cover all the plaques at least twice daily with AlliGEL.


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