Rosacea (or Rosachea)

Rosacea – A Natural Approach Is Best

Rosachea or Rosacea

New Research Points To A Solution

Rosacea ( or sometimes spelled Rosachea) suffers have a difficult time sifting through all the available options for treatment. Most offer only marginal relief at best and no real solution.

There is new hope now  with different thinking about what may actually cause Rosacea – a parasite or a bacteria. An all natural herbal approach offers a real option to finally control outbreaks and eventually eliminate them almost completely.

This is a new and exciting field of research and several herbal products have already demonstrated how effective they are against Rosacea and its difficulties.

Rosacea Description
Rosacea is a very common chronic disorder of the skin affecting about 14 million people in the USA alone. It typically will manifest between the ages of 30 and 50 and affects women more than men.

The cause of Rosacea is uncertain but it cause is now thought to be a type of parasite known as Demodex, which is found in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. They resemble tiny worms and are difficult to dislodge.

Another thought is that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori may also be responsible for Rosachea.

Rosacea Symptoms

 The classic symptoms are a patchy flushing or red cheeks, red nose, red forehead, red chin or a combination of several areas.

As the condition progresses, the flushing will become more persistent and noticeable. There may be small reddish bumps called papules and even pus-filled pimples which may appear on your skin.

Advanced cases affect more of the face area. The skin can swell, cysts will form, and small knobby bumps will develop on the nose – this condition is called rhinophyma and affects mostly men.

Rosacea Treatment Options
Rosacea Treatment varies depending on the type of Rosacea you have. Generally the ointments and oral medications work the best with people who have papulopustular rosacea – small pimples, facial flushing, and small red lines on the cheeks.

Ointments may include an antibiotic cream or antibacterial skin treatments, sometimes a retinoid is used in difficult cases.

Remember that these ointments do have side effects and some are not suitable for pregnant or planning to be pregnant women.

More severe cases and those that do not respond to the ointments may be treated with oral antibiotics. Treatment is long term often lasting six months or more. Something to consider with any antibiotic.

The better option may be to use new all natural herbal products that have no side effects and actually have shown how effective they can be.



What Actually Works
None of the standard ointments or oral antibiotics used  try to cure the rosachea, they are simply a means to help control the various symptoms that occur.  

All of the ointments and antibiotics come with side effects – some quite serious – and anyone who is going to undertake a long term treatment of antibiotics needs to be fully aware that the longer you use the antibiotic the more problems you will likely encounter.

At the very least, when on a long term antibiotic treatment, you will need to rebuild your intestinal flora on an on-going basis. The antibiotics destroy that along with your entire immune system. How quickly your immune system and intestinal flora can recover after the treatment is a matter of concern as you are left in an unprotected state and open to other types of infections during that time.

Caution is certainly called for as well as carefully weighing the potential benefit against the potential harm you may have with this type of treatment.

An All Natural Approach Option

A much safer option and one that works just as well but without any side effects is to have a Rosacea Natural Treatment with herbal products called Alligin and AlliGEL..

Both have demonstrated their effectiveness against bacteria and parasites and even viruses and stand out head and shoulders above any antibiotic and can give you that Rosacea Cure you are looking for.

With the current thinking that Rosacea (or Rosachea)  may be caused by a small parasite or bacteria or maybe even both, then the choice of Alligin and AlliGEL is a given.

Alligin and AlliGEL are Rosacea Products – all natural, easy to use, no side effects, will not destroy the immune system or intestinal flora, and may actually attack the possible root cause of rosachea to finally bring real long lasting relief.

Rosacea Treatment Regimen
Apply 1 or 2 drops of AlliGEL directly to the pustules once or twice a day. For less severe cases, simply apply the AlliGEL lightly over the affected areas.

Also take2 capsules of Alligin per day to boost your immune system. This should be on-going as a preventive to guard against a reoccurrence.


 Where To Buy Rosacea Treatment Now

When we find something that "works" in the real world, we will unabashedly tell you to go buy it and provide a way to do that if possible.

Why?  -  When a natural alternative product has demonstrated its effectiveness, then that product needs to be both supported and promoted. By doing so, we hope to bring the benefits of the product to a larger number of people and with their help and interest attempt to keep that product available in the marketplace.

Order your Alligin and AlliGEL Rosacea Treatment direct from Dr. Josling’s Allicin Center -  TODAY! Just click our sponsors below!



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