Senate Bill S 510 – The biggest Lies Why It’s Needed

Senate Bill S 510 Will give the government the power to place you in jail for picking your own fruit tree, growing a garden for your family, giving away food from your garden and destroy the natural food industry in our country. It is one of the most dangerous pieces of legisitation to our freedoms ever.

While it appears that there may be a glitch in our lame-duck senate’s plans to ram through this insane piece of legislation despite massive and widespread opposition by the American public, we are certainly are not out of the water yet.

Let us hope that some commonsense will prevail and this bill bill die a quick death.


Yes, those of you who put your wonderful democratic senators BACK INTO OFFICE – you are now reaping the rewards for your loyalty.

If this bill continues into law, YOU will soon not have fresh home-grown produce to eat it will be outlawed – nor will you be able to grow a small garden in your back yard or even herbs in your window – you will be arrested – and if you should transport fresh produce then you can be jailed for "smuggling" – yes smuggling and prosecuted as if you were a major drug supplier.

Are you happy now that you put back into office these bought and paid for people? Did not think that they would do something like this to their loyal constituents? Guess who the joke is on now!

Ok, enough rant, sorry, but I am just so utterly astounded at the absolute stupidity of so many people in this country to re-elect the very same representatives and senators back to let them stomp on even more of our constitutional freedoms and collect their very comfortable petitions and brand new consulting jobs from some of the very industries they were regulating when in office. Wonderful little arrangement there.

Despite everything in the free press about this bill, it is being hailed as a "breakthrough" in food safety and would give the FDA unprecedented powers to allow them to clean up our food supply and protect us.

The problem is – everything is a gigantic LIE to the American Public! This bill has little to do with improving food safety and everything to do with gaining complete control over our natural food supplies and stopping anyone from doing or having anything except what our government deems is "good for us".

Let’s list the ten biggest lies that are being promoted concerning S510 by the food industry, mainstream media and Congress.

Lie # 1 – Most food poisoning deaths are caused by fresh produce

I mean really! Common sense would tell you that this is not even close to being true. Yet mainstream media is happy to report the small number of incidents and give you the impression that it is MUCH bigger than it is. In fact, out of 1,809 people who do die here in our country each year from food borne pathogens (an estimate by the CDC), only a tiny fraction die from contaminated fresh produce! The fast majority of food poisoning is due to spoiled processed foods and transmission of disease pathogens from animals to humans.

Here is an example – according to the CDC one of the largest killers is a disease called Toxoplasma gondii which is gotten from cat feces that come into contact with food. Now how many people have cats in their homes or even in their neighborhoods? Next on the list is Samonella poisoning which has about 553 deaths a year again according to the CDC.

To put this into perspective, there are over 42,000 people who die each year in road accidents in the USA. This means that by driving your car you have about a 7600% higher chance of being killed with your car than eating fresh produce and getting sick and ending up six feet under.

Lie # 2 – Under bill S510, only products that are actually contaminated would be recalled by the FDA

That simply is not true. The language of the bill clearly states otherwise and in S510 the FDA simply needs a "reason to believe" a food is contaminated to order it removed. Right here then is the means in law to target anyone with any item that does not meet the FDA standards and force that item from the marketplace.

The language of this law was amended to broaden the scope of their authority.

This is utterly astonishing in itself:


23 (a) IN GENERAL – Section 304(h)(1)(A)(21 U.S.C.24 334(h)(1)(A) is amended by (1) striking "credible evidence or information indicating" and inserting "reason to believe".

So it would seem that in the negotiations for this bill, our U.S. Senate removed the "credible evidence" language in order to recall a product and replaced it with only a "reason to believe" by the FDA.

This is way past even the most die hard supporter of this bill could possibility think is reasonable. Congress just gave the FDA the ability to do recalls and to even place people into prison based entirely on what the FDA "has reason to believe" that a threat exists.

A "reason" from an agency that is on record as stating that all foods are inert and the phytonutrients in food ( carotenoids, antioxidants, beneficial fats like omega-3 and so no) are completely useless and not needed for good health and proper functioning of human biology!

What planet did the people in the FDA come from? Certainly not one based on the biology of Earth. Yet this agency with this ridiculous belief system and a complete lack of reality, would have total control of all food that we consume.

Do YOU want to be told what you can and can not eat on your own table? Look at what is happening to our children on the FDA approved school lunch programs where a slice of pizza is a vegetable serving! Maybe so with the tomato sauce, but what about the rest of the slice – is that the best choice for the kids?

Lie # 3 – The dreaded salmonella so common in food poisoning cases us actually present in over 70% of store bought poultry

Really, you did not know that?

With all the fear they are putting out over food safely with salmonella being one of their most scary possibilities that our "fresh produce" is in danger of being contaminated, no one bothers to mention that almost everything we bring home in poultry or other meat is likely to be contaminated with salmonella.

If the concern is salmonella contamination of fresh produce, then WHY does the bill S510 not even mention or address the poultry and meat problem? Could it be that these are controlled by very large industry players who have strong lobbies in congress?

The fact is that the majority of contamination cases in the home are a result of the peoples poor sanitary practices where they put the meat on the counter or on a cutting board and then prepared the fresh produce on the same surfaces! You would think people would know better – but unfortunately for whatever reason often they act without thinking and pay the consequences – a case of salmonella for the family.

Lie # 4 – Small farmers will be excluded and protected

After a battle, the Tester Amendment was finally included the the S510 bill. On the surface that would seem to be a good thing, but it is not as good as it may seem.

The amendment says that a small farm that sells less than $500,000 worth of food each year is excluded from the onerous paperwork and compliance burdens of the bill. But the problem with this amendment is that this dollar amount is NOT indexed to inflation.

As the U.S. dollar continues to lose value due to the Federal Reserve continuing to print money at an ever increasing rate, the cost of food will continue to rise faster and faster.

Are not food prices up each time you go to the store? I know mine is and it seems to be getting worse. This does not bode well for the small farm.

In reality even a small family farm of only 4 people could sell $500,000 worth of food a year. You have to understand that this amount is the GROSS sales and not their profit. Likely they would make only $40 to 50,000 on the gross sales of $500,000 – not a giant income.

But what this means to the small farmer is that they will try VERY HARD to remain small. In fact it may be the difference between being able to keep their farming business or going under should they be forced to comply with all the rules and regulations and reporting requirements should they sell more than the limit allowed.

Al in all not a good thing for them or the economy.

Lie #5 – To provide food safety, the FDA needs more power of enforcement

This is simply unnecessary. Already the FDA has to power to recall foods by publicly announcing that they are contaminated. They can also confiscate "misbranded" products and with this authority can halt the sale of contaminated food product.

Unfortunately, all to often, the FDA just refuses to enforce the power is already has and has consistently sought to expand its power. Recently by using the e.coli food scars that we have seen in the news. It has worked somewhat as the FDA has been given additional funding, but if this bill becomes law their total authority and power will grow exponentially threatening all of our health choice and food choice freedoms we currently take for granted.

Lie # 6 – More paperwork will make fresh produce less likely to be contaminated

What? A farm will have "less contamination" of its products because they are filling out more government forms? How silly can these people be?

The actual cause of produce contamination is more closely related to the existence of the giant factory animal farms that puts massive amounts of effluent into the environment ending up too often in the water supply, soil and equipment that is used to gather and harvest fresh produce.

The problem of contamination is better addressed by having these animal farms clean up their operations and not put this out into the environment to contaminate produce farms. But these animal farms are not even addressed in the S510 bill. How then is contamination going to be helped by more paperwork and forms?

Lie # 7 – Unsafe fresh food is causing large numbers of American’s to perish

Dying from fresh foods? Are they serious? The real truth of the matter is that Americans are dying – yes – but the cause is processed foods that are full of toxic chemical additives, partially hydrogenated oils, white sugar, asparatame, MSA, and artificial food colors.

These wonders of the food industry almost surely are to blame for far more people dying than from any bacterial contamination’s found on fresh produce.

And if the FDA wants to talk about "unsafe" products – then what about the pharmaceuticals that are killing people and this is the "approved drugs" in the marketplace.

Estimates range from 100,000 to 240.000 people each year are killed because of these FDA approved drugs. Yet the FDA still continues to take the drug companies word for it that they are safe – accept the drug studies that are done as being true and valid – fast track more and more drugs meaning that even less testing is done and the only real testing going on is the public who gets the drugs.

If enough people have problems or die, well then the drug is just removed from the market – no other consequences apply to the drug company.

How then can the FDA with its track record of being hand in hand with Big Pharma, protect our food supply? Especially when they think nutrients in food are unnecessary to a healthy body!

LIe # 8 – Our FDA simply wants to make our food "safer"

Safer? In what way? They seemingly want to make our live food "DEAD". They are completely against real live fresh food. Only food that has been Sterilized, Fumigated, Pasteurized, and Irradiated can be consumed.

Wow, I wonder that the human race has made it this far. These wonderful food safety methods did not exist throughout most of our history, how then did we all survive and yes prosper?

The craziness of this is shown with the California almond growers. By law they must now either chemically fumigate or somehow pasteurize their almonds before they can sell them in the U.S. – as a result this has destroyed many almond farmers incomes and forced food companies to purchase almonds from Spain and other countries. They don’t have to follow this insane rule.

Lie # 9 – Smuggling of "food" is a huge problem in America

Smuggling? Food? What?

In Bill S510, one of the main sections addresses the problem of "food smuggling". Ok that is what it says. Food smuggling in America is a huge problem – except no one has heard of it at all! At least not yet.

But there is a reason to their madness to put such a provision into the bill. If the bill does actually pass, it will be an easy step to completely "criminalize fresh produce" since you will be prevented from growing it yourselves and then they can use this provision to arrest people as they will have an "intent to distribute" there fresh produce by giving some to the neighbor.

This is NOT a Joke. This could happen under the language of this bill.

Lie # 10 – With S510 America’s food supply will be the safest in the world

I suppose this would depend on your definition of "safe". Currently our food supply is among the most contaminated chemically in the world -only china beats us. In our food you can find BPA in caned foods, mercury in seafood, MSA in the natural potato chips and artificial petrochemical food coloring agents in every food especially children’s foods.

Honestly, consuming the "Standard American Diet" touted by the  FDA is likely the single most harmful practice a person can do to themselves for their health. Every other nation in the world who has taken on the American way of life including our dietary decisions has shown record rates of degenerative disease starting within a single generation. If this is the case, how "safe is our food and the recommendations of our governmental FDA that is supposed to have our best interests at the forefront!

We will be really, really SAFE with Bill 510. Safe to consume toxic and damaging food preservatives – SAFE to eat irradiated foods that now have little if any food value left – SAFE to scarf down sugar and starch filled DEAD foods that fill us up, make us fatter, and provide no nutrition to let our bodies work properly.

Yes we will be SAFE for sure with this new and expanded government program – safe to die quicker and be sicker while we are here.

Please do your best and demand that your Congressmen and Senators DO NOT pass this bill in any form – and let them know that you will be watching and if they choose not to listen – then perhaps they will be looking for other work a lot sooner than they think.

I know that is what I am going to communicate to my representatives – strongly!

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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