Situation Much Worse – Fukushima Reactors “have melted” – Giant Super Typhoon On The Way!

Fukushima Reactors have melted - situation much worse than we have been told.


Well it was just a matter of time. The Tokyo Electric Power Company has finally been forced to admit that three reactors at the Fukushima Nuclear power facility have all melted down. And that they did so shortly after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit them back on March 11, 2011.

Wow big shock – as if most experts did not know that was the most likely result from the way the reactors were acting and the images they were seeing. Guess TEPCO’s scientists must have been looking at some other reactors to come up with the different stories that they have officially been reporting to the world. Or maybe they are just really stupid.

TEPCO now is admitting that holes likely exist in all the reactors containment vessels and that explains the continuing water leaks and drastic temperature fluctuations that they are seeing. Hmmm, even 5th grade science students could have figured that one out.

But to make show just how really stupid they are, TEPCO is claiming that it has never hid any of this information from the public and it is only that recent data analysis has confirmed what many scientists and experts had correctly predicted weeks ago based on their observations of the situation.

REALLY? But then again, we are talking about a company that has grossly mismanaged these reactors for years and covered up a lot of things that they should have told the public.

And the very same company that chose to store the thousands of spent fuel rods on the roof’s of the reactors. Did anyone bother to consider the possible consequences of that should there be any problem with the reactors? I guess commons sense is something most corporations have forgotten all about. It does not take a genius to see that was not a good idea.

Instead of doing the sensible thing and admitting that the plant was most likely beyond containment, TEPCO has done the opposite to the harm of both their own nation and to virtually everyone on the entire planet! They have been using seawater with no improvement and now they want to cover the reactors with plastic tents? What effect will that have except to make it harder to determine what is going on with the reactors. Maybe that is what they want. Then their stories can be made more plausible because independents can not actually see everything as they can now.

Remember that these reactors have continuously been releasing into the atmosphere and into the ocean since the disaster occurred and the amounts of radiation that we have even found out about have gone up by orders of magnitude. This is NOT a little problem and hoping it would go away and dreaming they could fix things simply shows just how incompetent they are.

What they should have done was  said that things were way out of control and the plants needed to be entombed as quickly as possible, they have let things continue.

Releasing huge amounts of radiation into our biosphere and onto all of US. And they have been dumping untold tons of sea water on the reactors which is going right back out to sea and will circle the globe creating unimaginable havoc and damage.

On top of this, the people of Japan are the most at risk as they are the closest to the reactors and it is going into their food crops, ground water, and local sea at rates that are so high the health of their nation is at serious risk and there will be consequences for generations over this. And the Japanese government is not doing anything to change any of this.

NOR or we or any of the governments of the world doing much. In fact, we get very little information here in the U.S. about this. Obama’s response to it is to tell us to go about our daily lives it is ok. But nothing could be further from the truth. Radiation levels are climbing in our foods, milk and drinking water. They are going to continue to go up as long as the reactors remain open and spewing out their deadly plumbs into the air.

There will be long term consequences to this here for our nation and the raising of the safe limits of radiation exposure to ridiculous levels by our government is not going to keep you either safe or healthy. Just the opposite in fact, but Obama does not seem to be at all concerned.

Arm yourselves with as much information as possible, take whatever precautions you can and that is really all we can do.

We can and should be shouting to Congress and this administration to apply pressure on the Japanese government to contain this problem. in fact, WHY have we not sent teams of experts there to do what they can?

Obama’s response, move our navy ships 200 miles off the coast of Japan. Hmmm, if there is nothing to worry about Mr. Obama, why do that? Could it be that if they remained there too long sailors would start getting ill and you would have a hard time keeping to your fiction that there is no problem?

Let’s hope that the international community gets off it’s collective duff and demands that this be fixed and fixed now. At least then we will be less exposed to whatever is coming out of the reactors, although it may be too late for that if they have all melted down – I don’t know if anyone actually has any idea of what will ultimately happen.

But it will not be good whatever it is that is the only thing that is certain in this entire mess.

And now there seems to be a giant typhoon coming straight at Japan. It is a category 5 but is expected to drop to a category 2 by the time it hits Japan. What damage this will do and how much more of the reactors radioactive contents may get blown into the atmosphere or around Japan remains to be seen. That it is going to make everything even worst is guaranteed. Both for the Japanese people and the rest of the world too.



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