So Osama Bin Laden is “dead” – then let’s close down the TSA and get back to being “the land of the free”!

Osama Bin Laden is dead so says President Obama - that's hmmm 9 times in 10 years now - are we sure?

Hurray, Bin Laden is dead, or so we are being told. Great – wonderful – finally – let’s celebrate.

After all according to the White House, it was Bin Laden who masterminded and directed the 9/11 airplane hijacking and got his minions to fly them into the World Trade Center Buildings. A horrible event for us all.

And out of that evil, sprang the need for us to be more secure, hence the creation of the TSA and body scanners and pat-downs for us all. It is going to make us "safer".

We now have the TSA with over 60,000 agents strong and growing by leaps and bounds. Soon they will be keeping us safe at all our bus stations, train stations, and public sports events like football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and anything else where a crowd might gather to watch an event.

All of those places will need a body scanner and TSA agents in place to help "protect us".

Yes indeed, they will march us through the naked body scanner and order us to spread our legs so they can stick their hands right down into our pants and feel our junk. And don’t forget little Jonny and Sally and even Gram and Gramps – they just might be hiding something and need to go through the TSA security procedures too!

It is just wonderful, the TSA is making it safer for all of us to fly on our planes – look how dangerous it would be to not irradiate and molest everyone – gasp – some bad guy just might have something dangerous and hurt us. We can’t have that!

But wait, was this not supposed to get better once we got that really bad man Osama Bin Laden? He is the bane of our country and we have spent 10 YEARS trying to find him and take him out of circulation. We were told we would be so much safer when that happened and it has been a long time coming but finally arrived.

But Obama has just told us that we are now in even greater danger since he has been killed.

Oh, Ben Laden, killed, yes – hmmm that makes it what  – about 9 times he has been reported  killed in the last ten years.

Well, I sure hope that is true this time for sure. But, oh my, they disposed of the body, we don’t have a body to examine and certify that it was the right guy. They did say they compared a few hairs with the DNA of his family members, so I guess that is good enough for us. After all the Obama administration would never lie to the American Public now would they?

But now Obama is telling us that his killing has "inflamed terrorism"! We are to be on high alert and ever more security measures are going to be needed. Things are much worse off that before!

But Mr. President, why was Ben Laden not captured then? Then everyone would not be mad at us so much.

He could have been brought back to the U.S. and put on trial. All the evidence against him would be brought out by the Government and he could be convicted in a court of law and then sentenced. The whole world would have watched that I am sure.

We would have shown the world that we uphold our own  law and international treaties, and really don’t go in for assassinations and the murder of someone without due process. We are the land of the free after all.

But, oh, that is not what happened I guess. Well, maybe they just had to murder him outright, did not President Obama say that he ordered them in to take him out? Well, if the President orders you to murder someone, well you should just go ahead and do so right?

We can’t let a little thing like following our own and international laws and international treaties get in our way. He was such a bad man and really wanted to harm all of us right? He bragged that he was responsible and we can just take his world or that and not have to prove it at all.

So, it was good that we did this. Now we can increase our surveillance of everyone here in this country. We just have to start spying on all our neighbors, they might be a terrorist cell after all. We really do need to put scanners and TSA agents everywhere, even at the local Wal-mart, we could be in danger and they will protect us.

Oh, yes we also must right away get all of our business and military internets connected together so we can defend against a terrorist attack of our internet. I guess the fact that most of the systems for all our businesses and our military NOT being connected and NOT open to outside attack is bad.

So you, President Obama,  think we need to connect them all together on the world web and then we can put in procedures to protect them. Is that not what you want?  All of the networks hooked together so you can now protect them with your internet "kill switch" and turn off all of our services for the people and business and schools for the country whenever you think you should?

After all we are fighting a "war on terrorism" and no price is too high to pay. We will gladly give up all our personal rights with the Patriot Act  – it is just fine for our government to be able to take that bad man away and hold him without charges, without a lawyer, without being brought before a judge, without any evidence at all but the government "thinks he has terrorist connections"- we are just so much safer this way. And it is just wonderful that that person can be held FOREVER if the government wants to and you don’t ever have to charge him with any crime – you are really protecting us now.

It does not matter if they take away my neighbor, he must be really bad – I am not a threat and they will never do it to me and my family – I’m sure of that.

Ok, I could go on and on with this, but I hope that you get the idea by now.

Our land of the free has turned into the land of Government Control over more and more of our lives.

Do you really want your children growing up in a land that gives them no choice at all? Where they will do as they are told or will be arrested or even killed in the name of the state.

Where you have no choice in anything to do with your health, a panel somewhere will determine what you can and can not receive in the hospital or doctor’s office or what medications you take.

A country where the only food you can eat is processed to death with no nutritional value left.

Where all the crops are now GMO and it does not matter how bad they are for you, you will eat them and like it.

A country where you can not grow your own garden without permission and must follow government regulations or they will just have to destroy your garden and put you in jail.

A place where the farmers no longer own their own livestock or crops, the government can come in at anytime and order it all destroyed because they feel it should be done.

Where the government will determine what you do, when you do it, how you do it, and everything must have their permission including breathing. Oh, don’t forget the carbon tax too – we just have to save the planet from the pollutant carbon dioxide. We will destroy everything if we don’t pay that carbon tax to the money boys!

It does not matter that our very life and the life of everything on this planet is based on a carbon cycle and requires carbon dioxide – oh , no, the EPA says it is a pollutant and those in authority say it has to be taxed and controlled. Your government knows best after all.

Without that, well global warming will do us all in in a few short decades. It does not matter that the average temperature of the planet is dropping, that the “climate control” our government has been doing for at least 20 years may be causing a lot of our unusual weather, they have really ramped up that in the last few years to much higher levels than ever – global warming just has to be controlled to save us all and we are going to have to pay for all of this no matter how much the cost.

If this sounds like a world you want to live in, then we are truly lost.

I hope that most of us have better sense than this.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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