Some Mainstream Media “get” the problem of S510

Senate Bill S510 is one of the worst bills ever and needs to be stopped in its tracks - we the public should  be able to choose what we eat and who we will purchase it from - this bill will seriously change that for all of us.

Well, will wonders never cease!

It seems that even some of the mainstream media have figured out that S510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which not has been put into an amendment and attached to  HR3082 (which will pass eventually).

The public raised enough hue and cry to put the skids on the passing of the original S510, but our wonderful lame-duck congress is still trying to ram through the bill by letting it ride on one that is going to pass once they "fix" the problem with the S510 language to make it seem as if it is not a new tax as the senate can not create a bill that mandates taxes – that is the province of the house only it would seem.

Make no mistake, there is going to be every effort and every trick used to get this insane bill passed dispute huge opposition from many industries and organizations and just plain foke like you and me.

PLEASE – do contact your senators and representatives and make it abundantly clear that you will NOT stand for this bill or any other form of this bill to be placed into law. Make it clear that whatever way they vote will be noted and acted upon at the next election or possibly sooner – we do have the right to "recall" our elected representatives who disregard the wishes of those who placed them into office.

This right has seldom been exercised, but perhaps it is time we all took a closer look at the power we have with this right and started exercising it and removing those who just thumb their noses at their own people and do as the party says. And realize that the Democratic Party does want to get this boondoggle bill passed and into law before the new blood comes at the first of the year. They know that their chances of getting this passed will drop to zero once that happens.

But there may be more hope than previous to stop this in its tracks.

A major mainstream media news source, Forbes Magazine, has actually written an article coming out AGAINST this bill in strong terms.

They are echoing what the natural farming community and health experts have been saying for months – namely that this bill is useless – will do nothing to further or enhance the actual "safety" of our food supply – WILL create a huge additional bureaucracy to inspect all the farms for food safety  that has to be funded – WILL give the FDA even more power to arbitrarily control the food industry and be a nightmare for everyone – WILL even let the FDA to force a recall of any  product simply because they "think" that it may be contaminated, no actual evidence of contamination or proof thereof is needed. This would be a nightmare that just went from a dream directly into a frightening reality – one  we will all deal with daily.

Unfortunately , this bill gives more power to an organization that has demonstrated that it clearly cares very little for the very people it is supposed to be helping – all of US!

Why do I say this – well the FDA has stated and still says that "vitamins and minerals" are not important in our food supply.

They consistently attack and destroy small business that are trying to improve both the quality and variety of our foods – something that the big agricultural interests clearly are opposed to having. They don’t want you to have a "choice" in what foods you eat. They would much prefer that you can only eat what they say is good for you and of course will sell you all that you want of those few items.

If you actually look at the track record of the food industry – the vast majority of all problems with the contamination of any foodstuffs is created by the large, already government regulated plants. If this is the case, just how is applying these very same rules going to help out the small producer who is currently far safer in their food than the big boys?

Maybe, the big boys should be looking at what the small producer is doing since they have virtually no problems and produce safe, nutritious food that we all need.

 PLEASE contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know that you oppose any form of  S510 or any attachment of any such bill to another so that it can be passed.

This practice simply needs to be stopped completely – it is just ridiculous that you can place an amendment to a bill that has absolutely nothing to do with anything about the bill and then this amendment passes because the main bill passed!

Virtually anything can get passed using this method no matter how opposed the public may be.

Far too many things have gotten into law in just this manner for anyone’s good.

PLEASE do not delay, take action NOW and keep your eye on just how your representatives vote on these measures.



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