Statins Shown Useless – Big Shock!

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Statin drugs are useless as a "preventive"  in children with lupus to keep them from developing atherosclerosis.

Big Pharma’s agenda to further expand their market to our children as a supposed means to improve their adult health has hit a major roadblock.

A recent study that was presented at the American College of Rheumatology  at their annual meeting revealed the total lack of benefit to the children being treated and showed how flawed the reasoning is by the drug manufactures.

It has long been assumed by many in mainstream medicin that statin drugs are the certain cure-all for preventing heart disease by lowering the body’s cholesterol.

This false premise has completely ignored very strong evidence and studies that clearly show virtually no benefit to patients at all and some very serious side-effects of the statin drugs especially when taken long term as in the case of most heart attack patients.

Some in the medical community have even gone so far as to suggest that these statin cholesterol-lowing drugs be given out freely with fast food meals!

However, the new study from Duke University Medical Center verifies the fact that giving statins to children with lupus provides no benefit at all to them.

Laura Schanberg, M.D., a professor of pediatrics at Duke said: " We thought every child with lupus should routinely be put on statins. This study proves that’s not the case."

Sadly, her statement shows how insidious and effective the junk-science studies have been marketed to the mainstream medical community and how they have "bought into" what the studies seemed to show.

Now evidence has shown in this new study just how much the physicians have been outright lied to regarding the statins.

Let’s speculate a bit here. Since this study shows no benefit for children with lupus, how much of a leap is it to consider the possibility that all the other studies on statins may not be giving us the real story.


Remember, the prescription statins are a HUGE business today world wide. Amounting to billions and billions of dollars in profit to the drug companies as statins are among the most commonly prescribed drugs around.

If you are considering taking statins because your doctor says you need to lower your cholesterol – please consider other alternatives that start with diet change, increased exercise, better quality food, inclusion of more live (uncooked) food in the diet, supplementation with herbals that can reduce your cholesterol naturally, and be certain you add in a stabilized garlic product.

We are NOT talking about any OTC item in your local store. There is actually only one real source available for this and we are happy to be able to provide that here.

We can not recommend it highly enough and personally credit it with helping to keep a family member around during and after a severe heart attack.

And NO this family member has told their cardiologist that they will not be taking any statins – much to their frustration since they are totally convinced that this is the only way to lower your cholesterol.

If you are still doubting, just read the fact sheet on statins – do a bit of internet research and see if you want to put that into your body. I for one would not!

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