“Stupid Pills” – The order of the day for Climate Change Scientists

The Sum controls our climate - not our CO2 emmissions - but climate change scientists don't care and say rationing is the only way to go!

Now this is really gotten out of hand. It seems that "leading scientists" in papers published by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society, have called for the implementation of World War II style rationing in First World countries!

And just why – well to combat "global warming"!

Ok exactly what kind of Stupid Pill have these top scientists been taking? Because they have not been paying much attention to what is actually happening in the world. We are NOT warming up as all of these climate change proponents are saying, we are in fact COOLING DOWN!. And that may not be good news for any of us.

Hello top scientists – check the weather records around the world already.

The climate change models – the software they use to predict all of this is just a set of very flawed pieces of junk that actually predict nothing at all.

A modeling program is supposed to take in data, crunch the numbers and produce a result that you can look at and makes some sort of sense. At least that is how it is supposed to work. However, it has been shown that these climate change models are using "set parameters" in the software itself before crunching the numbers. This is like fixing a horse race. Of course you are going to get answers that fall in the range of what you want to "prove" – you have told the program to figure it this way only!

But take out those same parameters, and guess what – the answers now coming out are all over the place and make no sense at all!

Yet, these very same models are now being used to declare that we are going to have global temperatures raise by about 4 degrees Celsius (that’s about 7.2 Fahrenheit) by 2060.

Additionally, even with the very best models that do work – we can not predict the change in our planets weather for more than 2 days – just how then can these models project into years or decades ahead saying that they did work with any accuracy at all?

IF (and that is a really, really, BIG IF), that would happen we might very well see some of the dire predictions such as floods and droughts around the planet. But uh does not the weather do all of that anyway? We have had periods of crazy weather ranging from extreme heat, to extreme cold, to even a missing season of the year.

This whole idea of CO2 being the sole cause of our changing weather is just junk science and a load of total bull which a lot of us seem to have bought hook, line and sinker. People, where is your critical faculties? Have they gone to lunch? The real driver of our planet is our Sun and always will be. Whatever we may or
may not do has very little effect overall. It takes something like a volcanic eruption to cause any major change in our weather and that only lasts for a short time relatively.

CO2 is part of the life cycle of our planet. EVERTHING is based on this. If we produce more CO2, well then plants and organisms that use CO2 will just grow better and multiply. This will happen very quickly and unless WE are doing something we should not be doing to disrupt this process, the outcome is inevitable and the global balance is maintained.

The hue and cry of these supposed top scientists are sounding is to implement rationing of all the things we take for granted in our daily lives.

We are to limit our electricity usage, have the government tell us how high we can set our thermostats at in our own homes, and then wear more clothing to actually stay warm, mandated replacement of older appliances with newer, energy efficient devices, and worse of all, place limits on food imported from great distances.

I’m all for conserving when possible, it is good for our resource usage, but how about putting a LOT more effort into alternative non-CO2 producing energy sources? If we could heat our homes with an in-home power plant that did not produce any waste products or CO2, would that not work? Or at least use windmills, tidal power, geo-thermal, magnohydrodinamic, etc. – and attach that to our power grid and we would not have these rolling blackouts because there would be all the power we needed.

Why can not our administration put some of the defense budget into research for these types of programs? I think we could have working items in a very short period of time – but instead the administration is cutting the funding for much of this type of research. So just how serious are they about really doing something that can make a substantial difference in CO2 if they are so very concerned about that? Hello, anyone in Washington listening?

Let’s look at that last one – transporting food from a long way away. We already are having food shortages now due to weather and crop failures. In our country, which is very different than Europe, we typically transport much of our food over long distances even across the country. During the growing season, our fresh vegetables come mostly from California – something like 60% or more.

In the Winter months, we get our produce from Mexico and the South American countries. Now should we have to comply with what these supposed experts want, just where will be able to get our winter food? We are not like Europe where their southern countries are like next door compared to us. Just how then will this work? Guess they only thought about Britain and forgot the rest of the planet is not the same?

So, let’s take a step back and look at all of this shall we. How about a REAL study of the effects of increased CO2 – not some pie-in-sky prediction based on faulty science, ridiculous parameters, and yes fund my research for another year and my studies will certainly demonstrate what you are looking for. And if you this that does not happen, well, I have this great piece of land in the Sahara that I would love to sell you for your next home, garden and of course swimming pool. (ha, ha)

Really, just how dumbed down do these people think the public is – although I am beginning to wonder in truth.

But regardless of what I think, should this "idea" find any merit in our government, we may all be looking at monitors on our thermostats, someone checking on just what we buy to make sure they are “appproved”, and likely things I have not even thought of as yet. And I just wish I was joking about this, but I am not.

Please, get involved, get mad, tell your representatives what you do and do not want, and then watch them to see what they do. If they don’t listen, then work to remove them from office and find someone who will listen and take action. We all need to do this to actually make an impact.

If we don’t, can’t, are too busy – well we will get what we are given by the powers that be and not what we choose to have.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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