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Crazy Australian Authorities Want To BAN Thousands Of Native Plants!

After finding out about this, I was wondering just exactly what plants Australian lawmakers have been brewing. I know Australia is a unique place as are its people, but someone has put something into the air or water that has … Continue reading

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Big Pharma Drug Trials Shown To Be Scientifically Invalid

Finally there is real eye opening evidence that what many have felt for a long time is true. That Big Pharma’s drug testing and studies are not true, valid or factual. It is actually even a larger problem than was … Continue reading

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H1N1 Virus – Where is the Truth?

  There is more and more in the news about the H1N1 virus. This is in the Newspaper, on the Radio, and especially on the TV. It would seem that a huge "push" is on to get everyone on board … Continue reading

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