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Arsenic Laiden Chicken Meat Is No Problem To Eat FDA Has Said For 60 Years!

    Finally the FDA has admitted what they have tried very hard to ignore for many years – Chicken Meat sold in the USA contains arsenic. Arsenic is a cancer-causing toxic chemical that is fatal if you get a … Continue reading

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Huge Increases In Food Costs Predicted by USDA – Are You Prepared to Stay Healthy?

We all know that food, meat, dairy and everything else we buy at the store is and has been going up. What is new is the recent upswing in the commodity market and within a few months those price increases … Continue reading

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“Stupid Pills” – The order of the day for Climate Change Scientists

Now this is really gotten out of hand. It seems that "leading scientists" in papers published by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society, have called for the implementation of World War II style rationing in First World countries! And just why … Continue reading

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Bill S 510 – a Monster Waiting To Pounce

  S510, called the "Food Safety Modernization Act", may very well be the most dangerous bill ever to be crafted in our congress. Were you unhappy with the gigantic bailout to the banking industry? Well, that was a puff of … Continue reading

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