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Good Idea Says Clinton – An Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”

    As is the case with most diabolical things, this one sounds so plausible and maybe even reasonable. An idea wrapped in supposed good intentions and of course fairness – an internet "ministry of truth" to be run either … Continue reading

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Sprouts Aren’t The Cause Of E-Coli Outbreak After All – Opps Germany Says!

    Oh my aching sides – this circus just keeps getting better and better. It would be the joke of the decade if it were not so serious and people were dying and the farmers of the EU were … Continue reading

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Idiot Indiana Sheriff Says People Will Welcome Random House Searches

    In something that belongs in a movie, Newton County, Indiana Sheriff Don Hartman Sr. allegedly told a reporter doing a phone interview that he believes the new Indiana Supreme Court ruling of Barnes Vs State of Indiana, gives … Continue reading

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So Osama Bin Laden is “dead” – then let’s close down the TSA and get back to being “the land of the free”!

Hurray, Bin Laden is dead, or so we are being told. Great – wonderful – finally – let’s celebrate. After all according to the White House, it was Bin Laden who masterminded and directed the 9/11 airplane hijacking and got … Continue reading

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Deep Penetrating X-ray Body Scanners with A Huge Health Risk Comming To Your Nearest Ariport

With the current controversy over the backscatter and millimeter-wave naked body scanners we now have at our airports, you would think that the program might slow down and take a harder look at what the long term effects could be … Continue reading

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