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“Generic Image” TSA Body Scan New Software – Still Not Addressing Radiation Exposure Issue

    I came across an article the other day that was talking about a supposed "improvement" in the TSA body scanner software. With the large uproar over the detailed images that are produced by the scanner, the TSA had … Continue reading

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Dr. Josling says CRKP Effectively Addressed By Natural Product

CRPK is proving even more deadly than MRSA infections. With the news talking about CRPK and how it is increasing all around the world and how it is much more resistant to any regular drug therapy, it leaves you wondering … Continue reading

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H1N1 Virus – Where is the Truth?

  There is more and more in the news about the H1N1 virus. This is in the Newspaper, on the Radio, and especially on the TV. It would seem that a huge "push" is on to get everyone on board … Continue reading

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