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Take a back seat AIDS, MRSA, CRKP – New Mystery Disease Spreading In China!

  Things just get worse and worse. We now are finding out about a new previously unknown disease that is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, appearing all over China according to a report in The Epoch Times. People with this apparently very transmissible … Continue reading

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Dr. Josling says CRKP Effectively Addressed By Natural Product

CRPK is proving even more deadly than MRSA infections. With the news talking about CRPK and how it is increasing all around the world and how it is much more resistant to any regular drug therapy, it leaves you wondering … Continue reading

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New Gene Makes Bacteria Resistant To Drugs Can Be Easily Passed To Other Bacteria

As if things were not bad enough with bacteria mutating left and right and becoming more and more resistant to our available antibiotics, now there is a newly discovered GENE that makes any bacteria resistant to nearly every known antibiotic … Continue reading

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TSA Scanners Are Worthless and Potentially Dangerous

  Supposedly, the scanners are "low-level" radiation scans – however, they scan the entire body from head to toe. This makes your total exposure a lot higher than when compared against say a chest x-ray – and even chest x-rays … Continue reading

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Shingles Alternative Herbal Theraphy Offers New Hope For most of us Shingles is not something we even think about. Unfortunately for some it is a real problem which can have long term consequences. If you are one of the few … Continue reading

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