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TSA Using Rigged Radiation Tests Lie About Scanners Safety

    The TSA has finally released "their" safety testing of the airport scanner units. And their results are a complete mash-up of ridiculous data, redacted information, and complete junk science where not even the testers names are mentioned and … Continue reading

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Having A TSA Scan and/or Pat-down May Increase Your Risk Of MRSA – CRKP Infection

Here is a new wrinkle in the absurd TSA scanner boondoggle. While there is not yet hard evidence on this, a conversation I had with a friend the other day got me to thinking and doing a bit of research. … Continue reading

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TSA Scanners Are Worthless and Potentially Dangerous

  Supposedly, the scanners are "low-level" radiation scans – however, they scan the entire body from head to toe. This makes your total exposure a lot higher than when compared against say a chest x-ray – and even chest x-rays … Continue reading

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