Take a back seat AIDS, MRSA, CRKP – New Mystery Disease Spreading In China!


New Highly Contagious Disease found in China with AIDS-like sysptoms.

Things just get worse and worse. We now are finding out about a new previously unknown disease that is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, appearing all over China according to a report in The Epoch Times.

People with this apparently very transmissible disease are having dramatic weight loss, night sweats, numb limbs, severe body aches, joint problems, severe vomiting and a large decrease in their white blood cell count and deterioration of their immune systems.

This seems to be much, much worse than the CRKP that is starting to spread around the world. Even though the CRKP has a high mortality rate, it is somewhat difficult to become infected.

That is not the case with this new mysterious disease in China. According to reports this new AIDS-like virus (they think it may be one) spreads through ANY BODILY FLUID including saliva and sweat!

While the infected patients have the AIDS like symptoms, they test negative for AIDS. And currently, the experts are unable to authoritatively identify this new disease, or the source that it came from.

A reporter at the New Express Daily interviewed about 30 different patients with this new disease, most of them likely contracted it through some sort of sexual contact, but others were infected by a blood transfusion by a relative, another from a friend at a house gathering.

The fact that this can be so easily contracted in normal everyday settings and activities is CHILLING and very frightening.

Reports say that the Chinese Health Ministry has begun epidemiological studies in six provinces with the patients in an effort to determine the source of the disease.

While this is at the moment found just in China, as far as we know anyway, it very soon may begin showing up in other areas of the world. The way we have global transportation of both goods and people make this a forgone conclusion – it is only a question of WHEN not a question of IF.

We have yet to determine how effective any current treatment may be that are available. And we do not yet know what mortality rate there may be with this new germ.

All we can do is to protect ourselves as best as we can.

I will be using Dr. Josling’s products as I don’t know of anything else that may be any more effective. Please look at them and decide for yourself – it could be one of the most important decisions you may every make in light of this new frightening information

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