Stabilized Allicin’s Creator Says The Best Garlic Product – ALLIGIN!

Dr. Peter Josling Creater of Stabilized Allicin and Formulator of Alligin and AlliGel

Dr. Peter Josling – Creator of Stabilized Allicin

You know, it still amazes how many people just don’t do their homework. They won’t take the time to educate themselves or take 5 minutes to read an artical on the subjectmatter. There is tons of information and reference material available to them, both here in this bog and elsewhere on the Internet.

This oversite makes for a lot of frustration on their part. Time and time again, we get people complaining how they bought a garlic product and got little if any benefit from it and then say that garlic dosen’t work. They didn’t realize that not all garlic products are created equal and didn’t bother to learn the differance!

I can tell you that from personal experience and the experiences of thousands of other users from around the world that Alligin’s proprietary formula delivered results when other products fell short. From the lab to clinical trials and in real world applications no other garlic supplement has proven to be as effective as Alligin, it simply works better than ANY other garlic product out there. Even other stabilized allicin products made by the very same company and licensed under other brand names. They also work, but are not as effective as Alligin. It simply is the very best garlic product on the market anywhere.

Dr. Peter Josling, the father of stabilized allicin has written an open letter to everyone that should help clear up the confusion. Consider what is discussed before you go searching for the "cheap garlic products."  


Here is what Dr. Josling said:

The revolution of stabilized allicin only found in Alligin

The garlic world can be a bit confusing at times especially when people make comments about new products being much stronger and somehow better than well established brands like Alligin. It is important to do your research and to understand what all the numbers actually mean and whether the claims are backed up by proper scientific evidence.

Until we began manufacturing the Worlds only stabilized allicin extract, found exclusively in products carrying the Allisure trademark, customers had a wide choice of products that had some potential to release allicin into the body. This potential could only be realized if the garlic product could get through the gut without being destroyed by stomach acid.

In certain products this did happen sometimes but unfortunately the chemistry of garlic made it very difficult to guarantee that ANY allicin could be released and made available to the body. Work published in the UK , USA and Germany showed this to be the case. The reason is that your own stomach acid seeks out and selectively disables a crucial enzyme called allinase which is found in all garlic powder extracts including those new ones mixed with ginger and star anise.

Manufacturers and suppliers realized that this was less than ideal and so needed a test to show that actually their products had HUGE potential to yield allicin under ideal conditions. So this test was adopted by the entire garlic industry to allow manufacturers to claim that their brands could supply or yield thousands of micrograms or milligrams of allicin. However the test, which is still used today, does not take place in gastric or intestinal fluid but in a water or alcohol based system so the results bear NO RELATION whatsoever as to what actually happens when YOU swallow their products.

Now if you place any garlic powder extract in water you obviously rehydrate the extract and in a laboratory test you can show that allicin can be released and that the precursor chemical alliin does get converted to allicin. This can lead to some large number claims for allicin up to 6000mcg or even as high as 20000mg. If these concentrations were actually delivered to the human body they would be TOXIC. So perhaps its just as well that in the real world the figures for allicin potential are absolutely meaningless!

Allisure formulated exclusively with ginger in the now well established brand Alligin IS DIFFERENT and whilst the actual amount of real allicin found in this product is small it is still more than enough to be able to kill a wide range of pathogens including MRSA, E Coli, Streptococcus, cold virus and fungal infections.

The reason is simple in that the allicin is physically in the product, it doesn’t need to be rehydrated or converted or mixed with star anise or vitamin c or ginseng to be able to show major activity.

Ask yourself this question where is the data on ANY other garlic extract to prove that these pathogens can be killed? Answer there is none. The only brand with any real data on killing bacteria, virus and fungus is ALLIGIN.

Finally ask yourself one more question: Would I rather take a small amount of a product that I know works and has data to support its use as natural antimicrobial and has a safety and toxicology test to show that as many as 777 can be taken in ONE dose without doing any harm – or should I be hoodwinked into buying a hastily put together combination of actives that has no data and cannot guarantee any activity against the major pathogens we face daily in the modern world in which we live and has no published safety data.

Simply put, Alligin is the most effective product on the market.

Even more effective than our regular Allimax line and even more potent and effective than our medical grade products. There is no other garlic product like Alligin – it is one of a kind."

There is plenty of published data for you to look at that backs up what Dr. Josling is saying. You can find that data by looking in the "reference" section of the Alligin Website. There are a number of very interesting items there that are well worth your time to examine and spend time reading.

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