TSA Head Napolitano Says Molesting 6-year-old was “completely professional”

TSA pat-downs of small children are absurd and criminal!

This is a joke right? Who could possibly think that the groping of a small child would in any way make our nation safer and is completely professional in conduct.

Ms. Napolitano you are either completely stupid or so unqualified for your position heading up the TSA that it is a national joke and embarrassment.

In fact, the entire TSA is a complete and utter joke and very likely the most incompetent government security organization that has ever existed in our country.

Back after the horrible events of 9/11, everyone in this country wanted someway to make sure that could never happen again. Along comes the TSA and their "security procedures" that are supposed to be keeping us safe from any such event.

Well, where is the safety, Ms. Napolitano, when every independent test and even your own agency testing of your "system" has demonstrated an 90 to 100% FAILURE rate in passing a potentially dangerous item through your screening procedures! That is not keeping us safe at all now is it.

Where is the safety when you failed to deliver to congress for a YEAR data on the radiation levels being emitted by your machines and then, when you do give them the figures, congress finds that your machines are dangerously high in emitting radiation at least 10 TIMES what you claimed.  But then are those figures correct – you don’t bother to test the scanners at all apparently and so how can you claim that they are "safe".

EVERY other radiation device in the hospitals, doctor office, and even dentist office are required to be regularly tested and certified to be within safe operation limits. Yet your security scanners are EXEMPT from any such regulation and have the potential to expose a person to dangerous even deadly levels of radiation if they are mis-calibrated in their output.

And being mis-calibrated seems to be the norm rather than the exception in your organization. Yet that is ok, you are doing a good job, and it is nothing to worry about according to you.

Oh, but the very high readings was just a "mistake in arithmetic". Of course it was since it was done by a trained technician from the makers of the scanner- they don’t know what they are doing and can so easily make a gross error in figuring the results. Wow, I want to go work for that company – I don’t have to be able to my job and can screw up big time and who cares, no problem.  And we are just to believe you because you say so.

Yet at the same time you are telling us the radiation levels are safe and within acceptable limits, you refuse to allow independent organizations to test your machines and report their findings. WHY – just what are you afraid they might find?

Why are you hiring know criminals, felons, even people who are registered sex offenders as your employees who are supposed to conduct themselves in a professional manner during their pat-downs?

Why are you not hiring people who have any sort of difficulty or problem in wanting to do these criminal pat-downs of people – do be careful of what you say when looking to be hired by the TSA, if you don’t like groping people and fondling them, well you can’t work for them – you don’t have the right stuff.

Why have their been known episodes of your officials passing someone through the security system and escorting them onto the airplane and then arresting them as a suspect after.

Could this be an attempt to justify your joke of an organization. There is no real threat you can show to we the people, so you have to manufacture one for the media.

Why are you now taking people who have already gone through the scanner and subjecting them to an additional pat-down as a matter of course over their questions and objections. Is it now necessary to have a scan AND a pat-down for anyone? Well, why buy these very costly machines then – if you need a pat-down for everyone too, they don’t work as you say they will and are a waste of our money!

Why are you now targeting people who question your authority during a scan or a pat-down and subjecting them to even more delays, more invasive pat-downs, and attempting to cause them any manner of embarresment you can manage. Just WHO do you think you are?

Now when a citizen of the USA does not agree with you and your procedures and says so – this makes them a problem and suspect in your eyes. Really – and what about our freedom of speech under the constitution – do you think that no longer applies to anyone you don’t like objecting to your insane procedures?

You seem to forget that you are working for US the American People – we DO NOT work for you and you are supposed to be protecting our rights and dignity rather than demolishing them!

Ok, I am ranting a bit because this makes me really upset that this is going on each and every day, and the list just goes on and no about the abuses the TSA is committing to so many people.

But why is our own congress not doing something about this? Do they not care?

There are even some who are sitting on the congressional committee that oversees the TSA, that have been subjected to the overbearing procedures of the TSA themselves – they protest some and are even outraged, but nothing has changed, the TSA becomes more draconian by the day. Why is that?

Sorry congressman, you are not doing your job and if I was on your committee and it happened to me like I heard you saying in a session heads would be rolling at the TSA.  I would be shouting from the rooftop about all of it and exactly who on the committee is telling me to let it pass. Their voters need to know this. At least you tried to get the TSA  representatives to give you an actual answer and they did not of course.

In most jurisdictions, what the TSA are doing would result in the average person being charged with a sex crime and jailed. But not the all-powerful TSA.  Promisingly, some local prosecutors have stated that they would prosecute if someone lodged a complaint.

Well, great, but how about someone from your office going to the local airport with a few officers and actually watching the TSA personnel and making a few arrests on the spot? You don’t need a complaint when you can watch it happening every day now do you.

And still things are getting worse by the day. We are now seeing the deployment of TSA agents into the bus and train stations and also  "checkpoints" on the roads.

What sort of insanity is this? How are we the public standing by and allowing any of this to actually take place?

Ask yourself just how far do you want your government to go to protect you from some sort of threat that has not happened since 9/11? We are to believe that they were so well organized and effective that they could crash the plane into the building, yet after that nothing? Any organization that was that successful in doing something that extensive and damaging but then just does nothing after that for years. How can that be?

 And just where was our military when that happened? Since it was standard procedure to shoot down a plane that was threatening a metropolitan area long before it actually got to the city proper. Just how did that plane not get shot down?  Anyone wondering  at all about that and how that could be possible? Research it, you might get a shock.

People how much of your liberty and personal dignity are you willing to give up to feel safer?

Everyone, please get a grip on real reality and understand that what is happening is all of us are being acclimated to more and more intrusion into our private lives by an overbearing and out-of-control government.

It would seem that the TSA is quickly becoming our very own SS in this country. Read about the rise of the SS in Germany during the Second World War. It should send cold chills down your back, and if you think this is going to stop, think again. It is not going to stop as long as so many of us stand by and do not say “NO this is not how we do things in America!”

Since this event went viral on the net and even the press for once, the TSA actually issued a press statement by TSA head Napolitano saying that we have to do this to our children and it was "professional" is the most ridiculous bunch of utter nonsense any government official has stated in a long time.

This clearly demonstrates that the upper management of TSA are incompetent and need to be fired outright all down the line at the very least.

We are not a third or fourth world country where the rebels place explosives on a child and tell them to walk into the middle of the American troops and push this button.

 Napolitano feels that the TSA has to do this -  of course, someone might just do grab your 6 year old standing with the family and stuff something down their pants – like that is going to ever happen.

Here is her response to the groping of the six-year-old little girl:

"Nobody likes to see those kinds of things even though it was done professionally according to the protocols. But, what TSA is doing is reexamining those protocols all the time. It’s all in relation to threat – what is the threat? And one of the things we do see is if you categorically remove a group from any type of screening, well those who seek to do us harm will then exploit that group. So you have to be very careful on how you do it."

And, she is certainly right, they are indeed examining and revising their protocols. They have gone from a simple pat-down to now putting their hands in your pants and fondling your privates just in case you are hiding something "down there". And that pat-down is not always on the outside of your shorts but INSIDE them directly touching you!

On top of this nonsense, they do not change gloves between pat-downs! It you don’t think so, just watch them as they go about the pat-downs and see for yourself.

Are you serious – this is an invitation to spreading disease and contamination from person to person. NO professional organization would ever do any such thing. Where is the health department on this issue. Is the TSA outside of health regulation too all in the name of some sort of security?

People this is a total JOKE and an affront to Your individual personal rights and dignity.

And if you think that is where they will stop, not a chance. They are already beginning to mention that it may be necessary to do a "cavity search" just in case you are hiding something inside. This is NOT a Joke.

Well, how does that sit with you mom and dad. You going to enjoy having that done to you and granny? How are you going to explain to your young child that it is ok to let this man or woman shove their fingers up their rear or into their privates and that is no problem at all, just let them.

Any parent that would do that does not deserve the title of "parent" because that is certainly NOT who you are acting like.  Would you let any stranger on the street do this to your child? It is really no different to the child just because you are getting on the airplane. They are not going to understand the supposed reasons for this.

And if you want to get mad and angry about being told that – well go right ahead – your anger does not change what you allowed to happen and you have lost much of the trust of your child -  likely forever.

The only real answer to this is to completely dismantle the useless TSA and fire everyone concerned with it and then look at whether or not there should be criminal charges brought against the TSA personnel including the upper management.

You want security, you want to be safe – well sorry there is no absolute way to accomplish that in a free society – not with a 100% guarantee.

If you are really that concerned – why not just put in dogs trained to sniff out the various dangerous items. WAY less expensive, WAY more effective, WAY less frightening to our children, WAY less intrusive and a completely better choice than what is being done currently.

Getting sniffed in the privates by a dog is far less tramatic than a strangers hand groping you or your child.

Why then can’t we do that instead of what is going on now?

Ask your congressman and senator that question. Why do we have to use this insanely expensive system to do try and make us safe?

But they claim that this system is effective and the best available. REALLY! There has not been a SINGLE CASE of any problem found by any TSA scan or pat-down that I am aware of so far.

Do you have even one Ms. Napolitano? Kindly let us know just how many "potential problems" you have discovered and stopped since the TSA started. I certainty would like to know just how many millions each occurrence has cost us the taxpayer so far.

If things are so very bad as you want us to believe, then there should be dozens, even  hundreds of cases where you have stopped an incident from happening – but why are you not telling us about them – where are they?

The fact is that they don’t exist – there is no problem, there is no threat, it is just a lot of hot air from Ms. Napolitano and our supposed leader in the Oval Office without any substance.

We have spent billions on this with yet more to come with another 1000 plus scanners being ordered by Obama to keep us safer.

And we can look forward to even more grabbing of our privates coming to the bus station, train station, check points while driving down the road, at our football and baseball and basketball games and most likely everything else at some point.

Should we have a TSA checkpoint when we enter Sears or Walmart too? It that going to give us more safety? Do you think that will not happen – like to take a bet on that one – think about it very hard!



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