TSA Pat-downs A Felony Says Texas Lawmakers In New Bill- Finally!

Koodos to Aaaron Tobey for having the courage to protest the TSA proceedures - he was arrested and is now suing - way to go Tobey!

Aaron Tobey exercised his First Amendment rights by writing the Fourth Amendment on his chest while going through Richmond International Airport. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and has now sued the TSA and the airport – his charges were dropped when he filed the lawsuit, but he is continuing to sue anyway. Koodos to him – way to go Tobey, you have done what we all should be doing and telling the TSA that you work for US not the other way around and arresting people without cause is going to get you in trouble. (PHOTO BY HENRICO POLICE DEPARTMENT)

It seems as if at least one state has had enough of the TSA arrogance and criminal behavior. And it is certainly about time!

Texas lawmakers have gotten fed up with the waiting for the federal government and TSA to put into place something that actually makes sense and keep the dignity of people.

Sorry to say, Texas, but you were wishing for a fairy tale that is never going to happen, so it is really nice to see you finally doing something factual about the problem and listening to people’s complaints. Now if only the rest of the states would follow your lead we may actually kick the TSA to the curb.

Texas lawmakers are moving to uphold the Fourth Amendment – our right to privacy and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures – and are moving to make the invasive enhanced pat-downs by the TSA a FELONY.

This bill now moving through the state Legislature would make it illegal to intentionally touch a person’s private areas, even outside of the clothing, unless the screener had probable cause that the passenger was hiding something – and let’s hope that they include language that makes it understood that this means something actually dangerous!

Rep. David Simpson, R-Austin, said that the new measure, Bill HB 1937, is intended to restore some dignity to the traveler on his journey. Good for Rep. Simpson.

A second proposal goes even farther where bill HB 1938 would prohibit the use of full-body scanners in Texas airports completely. Currently the majority of Texas State Lawmakers are in support of this legislation.

Most Americans do understand the need for some sort of increased security and would be willing to be inconvenienced in a reasonable manner to help with that better security. But the TSA is simply a total joke by any measure.

How is security increased by:

  • Feeling up little 6-year-old-girls or boys.
  • Molesting a former Miss America.
  • Removing people’s clothing even little children and the parents have to watch while they are bawling and asking why.
  • In an "enhanced pat-down" now the norm – actually sticking their hands inside of your shorts and touching your private areas.
  • Sending you through the body scanner and then having you go through a pat down also and this is not just for someone who they think needs further investigation, but now many travelers.
  • Arresting you for disorderly conduct when you have done nothing wrong like Aaron Tobey
  • Charging you with any number of items when you voice your objections to their pat-down procedure and labeling you as a potential "threat" for using your right to free speech.
  • Making it very clear that if you object to your children being felt-up, there will be a problem for you.
  • Subjecting disabled people to humiliating actions with complete disreguard for their rights or dignity as in the case of a TSA agent who was told the wheelchair bound older man had a colestomy bag and needed to be careful – the TSA agent was not and the bag was torn off drenching the passenger in his own urine.

And these are just SOME of the things that go on regularly with the TSA goon squads.

The rollout of these scanners and the pat-downs to bus stations, train stations, football games, basketball games, baseball games, and even now to your local super store – all are slated to soon have that friendly TSA agent there. What idiot thinks that any sort of action would be taken at your local superstore?

And the list goes on and the TSA ignores both the American people, the U.S. Congress, and anyone else and simply does as it pleases acting as if God had granted them a mandate to do anything at all in the name of keeping us more secure.

That they have done the job in making us more secure is a certainty not the case and any reasonable person would come to the same conclusion.

There is no country in the world that has an agency as  ridiculous as the TSA and as invasive. And that includes Israel who is one place where it might make a certain amount of sense.

Frankly, we simply need to disband the TSA completely. If we are that concerned about security – well train dogs that can sniff out dangerous items would do the job a lot better with much less problems and far less expense.

Oh, in case you did not know, a fair number of congressional people in Washington just happen to own a whole lot of stock in the company that makes these body scanners. Does that seem to be a bit of a conflict of interest to you? It certainly is to me and perhaps we should take a look at just who voted for this and how much are they going to make from the purchase of all these scanners.

There is some question as to whether or not the legislation will hold up to a constitutional challenge from the U.S. Justice Department which is sure to come if the Texas lawmakers pass it and it is signed by Gov. Rick Perry into law.

I say that the States need to tell the U.S. Government to put a sock in it and begin to actually take BACK the rights that the Federal agencies have co-opted without any actual authority to do so.

The only reason they usually get away with it has been that to fight them on any of this would mean the cut off of Federal Funds, something most states have come to depend on. But with the economy in such bad shape, even Federal funds are drying up, so perhaps the states will not listen to their people and start doing what the people want.

It is up to US to help make that happen.

I would suggest that you start contacting your representatives in Washington and letting them know that you fully support the STATES RIGHTS to make a lot of their own decisions and you expect congress to pass a law making that VERY PLAIN to the Federal people. And that you will not tolerate the Federal government any longer sticking it’s big nose into what is and should be the state’s prerogative.

Maybe now, we can get rid of these scanners and the health risk they pose AND the health risk from these enhanced pat-downs where they actually touch you and do not even change their gloves and touch the next person and so on.

What a great way to spread something you don’t want to have. Can’t you see a hospital fending off the lawsuits if they would act in this manner – they would be out of business very quickly!

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