TSA Using Rigged Radiation Tests Lie About Scanners Safety



The TSA has finally released "their" safety testing of the airport scanner units. And their results are a complete mash-up of ridiculous data, redacted information, and complete junk science where not even the testers names are mentioned and much of what you would need to know is kept secret.

The TSA is a rogue agency that has gone beyond anything the congress intended and we the people should be flooding congress with not a request, but a DEMAND that the TSA be shut down completely!

Think that is too strong a reaction and that we will be in greater danger if we don’t have the TSA to "protect us"?

Well, with what the TSA is doing, you don’t need any terrorist because the TSA is causing more harm and doing more damage than a hundred so-called terrorists could ever do to this country.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the story.


The TSA has fought to keep anyone from testing the scanners independently. And so far have been successful. The only data available has been released by the TSA themselves and is as obvious a fake as Obama’s laughable birth record.

In a letter signed by five professors from the University of California, San Francisco and Arizona State University, the duplicity of the TSA and our government is plain. They think the American Public is so stupid that their lies and deceptions they put out will be accepted as fact.

But not so TSA, we the people are a lot smarter than you think.

Here is what the scientist’s letter reveals and you can view the full text of the letter at  April 2011 Letter To John Holdren:

  • To this day, there has been no credible scientific testing of the TSA’s naked body scanners. The claimed "safety" of the technology by the TSA is based on rigged tests.


  • The testing that did take place was done on a custom combination of spare parts rigged by the manufacture of the machines (Rapidscan) and did not even use the actual machines installed in airports. They simply rigged the testing on a machine that is not even what is actually at our airports.


  • The names of the researchers who conducted the radiation tests at the Rapidscan company have been kept secret! They are not available for scientific questioning of any kind and there is no opportunity to even ask if they are qualified to conduct the tests.


  • None of these bogus Rapidscan tests have been made available for peer review. They are tests done mostly in secret, using secret techniques, engineered by secret researchers, and giving out mostly secret results. But we are expected to believe the TSA when it claims the scanners are "safe".


  • The final testing report the TSA released and produced from this fabricated junk science testing has been so heavily redacted that "there is no way to repeat any of these measurements" say the professors. This supposed testing violates the first tenant of all scientific experimentation where the experiment must be repeatable by other independent researchers using your data in order for it to be verified as accurate and accepted by the scientific community as valid.

Here is what the professors said in their letter:

The document is heavily redacted with red stamps over the words and figures. In every case the electric current used which correlates one to one with X-ray dose has been specifically redacted. Thus there is no way to repeat any of these measurements. While the report purports to present the results of objective testing, in fact the JHU APL personnel, who are unnamed anywhere in the document either as experimenters or as authors, were not provided with a machine by Rapiscan. Instead they were invited to the manufacturing site to observe a mock-up of components (spare parts) that were said to be similar to those that are parts of the Rapiscan system. The tests were performed by the manufacturer using the manufacturer’s questionable test procedures.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? This junk science by Rapidscan for the TSA testing is so outrageously bad that if this was actually presented at any sort of science seminar, they would be laughed off the stage and publicly denounced in the media and lots of luck in getting anyone to ever pay any attention to you again let alone find funding for more research.

But here is the TSA and Rapidscan putting out this information and yet where is the outrage in the scientific community? A handful of brave scientists have made known their views, but where is the rest of the community?

The rest of the science community is silent on this matter and these professors are being blasted in the media press and called un-American for daring to question the stupid offical report fosted on us by the TSA.

If an over-the-counter manufacture were to claim that their product cured say cancer, did all of their testing themselves, kept the names and credentials of their scientists secret, refused to let anyone know the methodology of their testing or allow anyone else to duplicate their study, and then released a report that was at least 50% redacted to protect their "proprietary information" and then put their product on the market and people actually fell for it and bought there stuff – what do you think would happen to them?

Well the feds would arrest them for running a criminal scam! So why does the TSA get a pass doing the very same thing and no one in the mainstream media even raises an eyebrow!

What have we come to in America today where the populace just accepts whatever their government says and does not want to stop and say wait a minute, what is going on here.

The TSA scanners testing just shows you how far too willing the American Public has become in accepting official reports.

The dosage rate of x-rays the body scanners emit is actually quite high when compared to the radiation of a CT scan as the professors stated. The duration of the dose is lower than a CT scan, but the dose intensity is much higher and is over the entire body not just a small area.

Anyone who knows something about physics and biology will tell you that the most danger from radiation is in a high-intensity, short-duration exposure which is EXACTLY what the TSA’s backscatter machines produce that are all over the country with more to come.

Also, the Rapidscan company used a radiation detection device – an ion chamber – to measure the output of the machine in their very questionable testing procedures. But the professors say that their tester is incapable of accurately measuring the high-intensity burst of radiation produced by the machines.

And, on top of this, a Fluke 451 meter was used as a radiation field measurement device by the TSA but is INCAPABLE of measuring the high dose rates emitted by the backscatter units. They max out their reading and do not show the actual intensity of the radiation.

Yet the TSA claims, using this device in their testing, that they have "low radiation". How nice that they can make a completely false claim and still get away with it – at least so far.

Another very important point made by the scientists is that the amount of electrical current that was applied to the x-ray tubes was redacted by the TSA. This now makes it next to impossible for any other independent scientist to calculate the actual radiation exposure and makes their results even more suspect.

The scientists said:

…the X-ray dose is proportional to the current through the X-ray tube. Not having access to the current used in the JHU test, or in the field application of the scanner means that the measurements at JHU are irrelevant to the dose at the airport. There is also no data on the pixel size and overscanning ratio, which also bear directly on the dose delivered to subjects. The statement in the HHS letter that the fluence is not a relevant quantity ignores fundamental physics.

And here is the TSA, releasing this farce report, adamantly refusing to allow any independent testing of the radiation levels the scanner emit. All this is under the guise that the terrorists might be able to circumvent the technology if anyone actually is allowed to test the machine.

Oh my aching side – I am falling off my chair laughing. I took high school physics and some physics in collage and did not specialize in radiation and even I know that this is a completely ridiculous statement with NO basis in fact at all. They are totally full of it people!

How gullible the TSA thinks we all are. What they are doing is the very definition of "quack science" – you are asked to trust in their fabricated testing, accept that you will not be told just how they arrived at their test results, not be bothered by the fact that they will not release the names of their scientists who worked on the testing, and take our word for it that everything is safe, secure, and just peachy because we must not let the terrorists anything about our machine.

What it looks like is happening according to Peter Rez, the physics professor from Arizona State, is that the high-quality images described by the TSA could not be created with low levels of radiation as they claim. The images would need a radiation exposure about 45 times higher he estimates than what we have been told by the TSA.

And what about mechanical failure or a software bug. Hey we know that any machine breaks down sometimes and don’t get me started on how not-so-great software works and how many software bugs we all deal with every day.

What happens if a mechanical failure occurs in the backscatter device? There is a high-powered x-ray beam moving across your body and being reflected by a moving wheel to produce the image. What if that wheel fails even a little bit?

That means that some part of you is exposed to VERY HIGH levels of radiation concentrated in a small area which will cause damage or mutations. This is exactly why all other radiation devices are required to be inspected and certified – all except the TSA scanners that is.

So what about the software that runs the whole thing and directs the x-ray beam. How well has this been looked at and what happens if their is a "glitch" like we all know is always going to happen sometime. What is the potential risk to the person or persons now being scanned?

Gee, why am I not shocked that the TSA completely bypassed normal independent testing of their equipment as would be the case with EVERY OTHER manufacture.

The scientists had this to say about it:

"The independent testing of the safety of these specific scanners has not been rigorous nor has it been held to the standards usually associated with new devices before approval for utilization in the public sector. Usually the exact technology, as installed, is sent to a university, national laboratory or other outside facility that has the expertise to test, for an extended period of time to enable an in-depth study — usually by several independent groups"

I guess the government and the TSA feel that they are above accepted standards and even the law. They can simply refuse to tell you for over a year even to the congressional committee that oversees them as they did do.

And then when they do release something, well they can just make it up pretty much and watch the mainstream media parrot their lies to the public. That has work just fine so far and why would that need to be changed.

You see as long as most of us just go along and don’t question this, even though most do not like it and doubt its effectiveness, well they can just keep on keeping on and continue their tyrannical agenda until we really will be in a totally controlled police state.

As long as we allow this government to play their "terrorism card", we will never be able to stop this insanity. We all need to think about this and take a firm stand or we will not have anything left to stand on before long.

What exactly is the TSA hiding from us?

Why is there no independent testing of all machines that are installed and having them certified?

Why has there been no debate and inquiry into how the machines work and just how safe or dangerous they may really be?

Why is it necessary to touch everyone’s privates – even little children. And how do you explain to Johnny. after you told him to NEVER let anyone touch him there, that it is ok to let this TSA person do that – we have to be kept safe from the bad terrorist.

WHY do we the public continue to accept all the lies the TSA has put out. They have admitted to many of them and still the media and the public do not take them to task for it.

No other agency has been so duplicitous and deceitful than the TSA – this is not just a badly run governmental organization. The TSA has become more criminal than the mob against the very people it is supposedly protecting.

Texas is currently passing a law to make the TSA pat-downs a felony. The feds will attempt to say they do not have the power to do that, but let’s see what happens when it does become law and the TSA agents are dragged off in handcuffs. Go ahead TSA, send in your feds to try and take them away – it will be very interesting to find out how the people of Texas react to that one.

The outset of all of this is that everyone who has a TSA scan is putting themselves at risk because radiation exposure of any kind compromises your immune system.

If you fly often, or if they roll out the scanners into trains, buses, sporting events, and even local stores as they have stated is the new goal, then all of us are going to be having a very real problem.

Just how many times could you be exposed to the radiation if these things are everywhere we go?

Or IF they allow you to opt-out and that is starting to not even be an option as more and more people are scanned and patted down too, then you are STILL at risk for catching an infection even MRSA.

Why, because the TSA do not chance their gloves between pat-downs and they do put their hands down into your pants and physically touch your private areas!

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