What Stupidity Is This -TSA At High School Prom – Where Are The Parents?


TSA at highschool prom is just plain crazy!


It is not exactly what we usually talk about, but this IS important because our health freedoms and choices are on the line along with apparently everything else. And it seems as if we are well on the way to being the new Germany with the TSA being the Secret Police of this country.

We are at a crossroads and if we do not make the right turn down the right road, we will find ourselves having TSA approval to even go to the doctor.

They will be telling us what treatments, medications, herbs, or hospital stays we can or can not have. Is that what we all want?

Seemed far fetched to you – well let’s see.

There has been quite a bit in the news concerning the TSA wanting to set up a security check point at a Sante Fe High School and conduct illegal searches on the high school prom students.

Was this in retaliation to the Capital High School students who filed a lawsuit over their TSA sexual molestation at their school?  Ultimately they backed down on this but who will be next? Are all the proms going to be TSA’ed next year.

It is apparent that the TSA’s aim is to indoctrinate the students into believing that they have the power over them and they are to do as they are told and nothing more and that includes the parents too. A total police state in the making.

There can be no other reason for this insanity. It makes no sense that the TSA, whose creation was supposed to counter the terrorist Bin Laden and his organization, is now needing to run security checkpoints at a high school prom dance! As if they are going to find a terrorist there by groping all the students – it is completely beyond comprehension.

How about the TSA patting down the bare legs and thighs of the high school girls? How is this a part of your security TSA? What are they hiding on their BARE LEGS? This is simply a form of molestation by your agents and they should be held accountable for their actions.

If we the people continue to accept this insane behavior then we will find ourselves with an out-of-control rogue police state that will have complete power over everything we do including leaving our home to work, shop, or visit someone we want.

Does anyone remember the "papers" that were required in Germany to be able to even walk around – that is where we are going if we let it.

The TSA has already created lists with millions of people on them for No Fly and Working At Certain Jobs – more is not far behind if we do not say NO and make it stick.

Do you know that people who simply protest the TSA pat-downs have been put on their lists? This has already created huge problems for many even stopping some from being employed for no other reason than the TSA did not like them. There WAS no evidence that they may be a danger to anyone – they just happened to believe in the Constitution and liberty.

You feel this is too "out there" – that this can’t happen? What about the ex-military lady who was stopped at a TSA checkpoint on a back road in her area and when she said what do you want you need a reason to stop me, found herself being treated as a criminal because she had a bumper sticker that mentioned the constitution.

THEN they opened up the trunk and found copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the idiot TSA agent calls over their supervisor and they act as if this is the worst terrorist around. THIS WAS ON THEIR OWN VIDEO BEING RECORDED – this is not a made up story.

And you think this is silly – well it was not very silly when they arrested her and she went to jail. So think it can not happen to YOU?

Do, We The People, need the TSA to protect us? Just how are they going to protect us by being at the local school prom? How about at the local mall – is that going to keep us safer to grope you and all the kids in the mall?

Are you really that STUPID? And I hope you do get mad that you have been called stupid – because that is what you are if you accept this type of behavior and say nothing.

At what point are you going to decide that it is too much and finally say something? When they are in your home shoving their hands down your 3 year old’s pants or even strip searching them in front of you? Oh, and by that time doing a complete cavity search will be the standard. You are going to love seeing them shove their fingers into your little one and the older kids not to mention YOU.

Think that will not happen – they are already talking about doing it now at the airports! And don’t be shocked when you see a piece about it in the paper. It is going to happen unless we all say no to them.

This is so hard to understand for me that people do not seem to be getting this. Have the schools done such a poor job in teaching history that no one has any idea of what happened to the people in Germany during the war?

Most of those people went along with everything at first too. And then woke up one morning and found that they had no control over their lives and the SS could do whatever they wanted and did. People were dragged off and never heard from again – they were in constant fear of someone reporting them and they would be arrested (does this sound familiar with the roll out of the TSA" see something- say something" program) – they had to have "papers" to even go a block down the street by the end of the war.

We are going to be even more controlled than they could ever have been. Today we have the technology available to literally watch you every second of every day exactly like in the book 1984 – a frightening story of total government control that was required reading when I was in school. And I never imagined that I would ever see anything like that actually in our wonderful country.

On top of that, there can easily be complete control over us of our money, buying, travel and so on. They already are requiring a chip in our cars that can shut off the engine if they want. There is more and more a move to being completely a cashless society. It will be much easier to control everyone if there is no way for you to actually use cash to purchase something. Everything must be done on a debit or credit card and how easy is that to turn off if they would want to do so.

In fact, if you happen to carry cash, you are in danger of being stopped and having your cash taken from you because you must be dealing drugs as only they use cash anymore. This sounds like a fairy tail right – sorry – it is REAL as it gets and there are areas of our country where it is happening right now. They are even having turf wars over who will get the money and one town has collected over One MILLION dollars so far. Search it and see.

Obama stated that he wanted a "domestic police force that was a powerful and as well funded as the military". What do you think the TSA is going to be. It is already taking over control of even our state and local law enforcement and this will only continue until the only authority left will be the TSA. Soon our police will need the permission of the TSA to do anything and will simply be an arm of them with no power of their own.

As the saying goes – those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. And that is what we are seeing today. The TSA is growing in power by the day and it seems no one has much to say about it.

Are you so afraid of some nebulous threat that you are willing to be kept in a jail to keep yourself safe? If so that is what you will have, but the joke is on you as you will be not one bit safer because of it – but you will certainly be unable to live any sort of life worth living. Of course if you LIKE being a total slave then you might like it after all.

Any government will always seek to gain more power and expand its reach. Our founders knew this and placed that warning in our Constitution – telling us that we must never allow government to have too much power and if they take it anyway then we have the obligation to stop them.

The choice is ours – the future has yet to be written – let us hope it is a good one after all.


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