What You Are NOT Being Told About Fukushima Radiation by Mainstream Media


Mainstream media, especially here in the USA is engaging in a total deception to the public concerning the radiation coming to us from the Fukushima reactors in Japan.

What is being reported, IF it is even mentioned at all, is that there are higher levels of iodine-131 showing up mostly on the West Coast and somewhat less over other parts of the country. These increased levels are in milk and even in drinking water and of course to some extent on fresh produce of any kind that is outside and exposed to the weather and wind.

They are reporting that "radiation levels are falling rapidly" making the listening public think that there is little to be concerned about.

This is a case of complete miss-direction and even deliberate cover-up by the media. Either their staff reporters and researchers are completely incompetent at their jobs or they are simply blithering morons (my opinion).

Why? Well, they seem incapable of doing even the simplest investigation on the subject of what types of radiation the reactors are spewing out and what that may mean to everyone that may be exposed to it. And if they don’t understand any of it, just how are they going to responsibility report on what is happening and what we actually need to know.

While what they are saying is actually true, the problem lies in what they are NOT telling the public.

Yes, the levels of iodine-131 are dropping, at least for now. That could change of course with the next round of explosions at the reactors as I don’t think anyone can say that they are done going off and it looks like they may be doing this for a long time to come. This is really freighting when you understand the actual consequences of weeks, months or even years of this continuing exposure even if it stays at a lower level.

Ok, the levels of radioactivity at the reactors have been now measured at more than 7.5 MILLION TIMES the safe level, and that is coming our way across the ocean. The ocean will absorb a great deal of it, and by the time it gets to us we may be seeing greatly reduced levels, but still far higher than is safe by any reasonable measure according to many experts – except our government of course.

BUT, the catch is that what is being reported is only about the iodine-131 levels and we hear nothing about the levels of cesium-137.

Why is it important to know about the cesium-137? Well, the iodine-131 has a half-life of about 8 days. So, that is why the levels are "dropping" to a large extent. A half-life simply means that in a certain period of time the radioactivity will drop by 1/2 the amount. For iodine-131 in 8 days the level will be 1/2 what it was at the start. In 16 days it will be 1/4, in 24 days it will be 1/8 and so on.

Cesium-137 is a different animal altogether as its half-live is not measured in days but YEARS – 30.1 years to be exact. Remember how it works, in 30.1 YEARS the radiation of the Cesium-137 will have gone down by  only 1/2 the original amount. We are talking about centuries for it to go down to a safe level!

On one hand, it is good that most of this will fall into the ocean before it gets to us. On the other hand, it is going to be around for many centuries in the ocean water and accumulating in the ocean sea life which we will be eating. Also a portion of it will be landing on us with all the rains and snows we get. That is where the moisture for the rain and snow come from, evaporating ocean waters with whatever is in them.

Remember the reports of the toxic rains containing chemicals from the BP Gulf mess. Those chemicals went up and back down all over this country and in pretty high concentration in some places. That very same thing will happen as this radioactivity travels throughout the oceans and the supply in Japan does not stop. There is not even a hint at them being about to even slow down the release let along stop it completely. They are even dumping huge amounts of radioactive water into the sea now since they have no place left to store it and they still have to poor water on the reactors to prevent even more serious consequences.

This is in no way good or safe or anything but a monumental disaster that will be with the entire planet for far longer than this country has even existed. And who on the mainstream media is talking about this?

As another part of the information cover-up, it has been announced that the FDA will now test "all imported food products coming from Japan". Say what? This is beyond ridiculous. Even without the Fukushima emergency, the FDA only has been able to test a tiny fraction of the food imported into the USA – a tiny two percent. Now just how is this agency going to be able to inspect ALL the food from Japan? It currently is completely impossible as they simply do not have the resources or the manpower to accomplish this at all. So, unless a magic gene has somehow expanded their staff and resources, this is never going to happen.

Take a look at this story that talks about just how "stretched" the FDA is:


Now, isn’t that comforting to know that our FDA is looking out for our interests. And isn’t it wonderful that all the testing they are doing is showing that the levels are "safe".

Well, if you believe that, maybe you would like this really wonderful piece of complete swamp land I have – you will love it – all bogs, mud, smelly water, and no solid land at all – a perfect place to build your retirement home and have a great time. And you will take my word for it and buy it without even seeing it at all – of course you will! (satire in case you missed it)

But let’s suppose that somehow the FDA really could inspect all the food coming from Japan. Just what would be their "safe level" of radiation in the food? Have you heard about the upcoming move by our government to increase their allowable levels of radiation by as much as 1000 TIMES the previous levels!

And this is just because "they say it is safe" with no scientific examination to back it up. In fact, just a little research on this subject will quickly tell you that most experts in the radiation field currently feel that the current, soon to be raised by a mile, levels are FAR TOO HIGH now and should be radically lowered not increased.

How then is that supposed to work FDA? Is it now safe just because you put out a paper on it and changed the official levels to something you pulled out of the hat? And the levels you have had for years are now suddenly out of date and 1000 times greater is now ok?

I really hope that whoever is reading this understands the complete absurdity of all of this and how completely corrupt the FDA and many levels of our government are to allow this let alone promote it as is being done right now.

You must understand that eating radioactive food is FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN NUCLEAR FALLOUT!

Why is that? Because when you eat radioactive food the threat to your body’s health increases exponentially as internal radiation is far more harmful to the body than external radiation. It is a simple law of physics operating – the law of the inverse square of the distance that lies between you and the radiation source.

Let’s explain. Say there is a speck of radioactive dust that is about one meter from you right now. That speck of dust would be TWICE AS DANGEROUS to you as would a speck of dust that is 4 meters away from you. The law of the square of the distance in operation.

But what happens when you EAT that radioactive speck that just happens to be part of say a fish you are having for lunch. Now suddenly it is inside of your body and instead of being a meter away or even a few inches away or even on your skin, it is now only a millimeter from some internal organ.

What this means is that the radiation exposure distance you are now getting has decreased by one thousand times. With the law of the inverse square of the distance, you have now increased your radiation intensity by ONE MILLION TIMES (remember one million is the square of one thousand the new distance).

Does this sink in yet? This is why I feel that we are being lied to about the "safety" of any radioactive food by the FDA. There is in reality NO SAFE RADIOACTIVE FOOD of any kind.

And there is really more to this. .Say a fish takes on some radioactive cesium, it then gets distributed throughout the entire fish and as the fish consumes more and more of these radioactive particles, the concentration gets greater and greater. Just like the mercury concentration concentrates into big fish like tuna and then into us.

When you eat the radioactive fish, your body reabsorbs the cesium into your own cells and muscle tissues because the body treats cesium much like potassium and will place it in the same places. And it will stay there giving off its radiation for your entire life unless somehow you can get your body to remove it. That is possible, maybe, but takes an on-going effort and understanding the hows to accomplish that.

There is a post on here called Protect Yourself From Radiation Naturally, that can help you understand more about eliminating radiation from your body.

So are any of you hearing about this on CNN or the other major news outlets? If so, please let me know as I have not seen even a footnote so far. Of course, with the level of professionalism most new media personal have today, I wonder if any of them could even understand why it is actually more dangerous for you to eat something radioactive than to be exposed to radiation in the air.

I might mention here that there is one exception to that. IF you inhale a radioactive particle and it becomes lodged in your lungs, then YES that is even worse than eating it. You might seriously want to consider waring a dust mask when outdoors. Yes, you might get a few odd looks, but I don’t mind being laughed at if it means saving myself or my family from a very terrible death – lung cancer is no joke at all.

Now, are you wondering if there are any reports of fish being actually detected with cesium. Well, yes there are! Take a look at these:



So, hey, don’t worry our media is telling us, the levels of radiation are dropping and are much too low to be of any concern. And just disregard the radiation found in our milk and drinking water and food stuffs. It really is ok and it is all just safe as can be to consume because we are telling you it is safe.

I guess our government must be right – after all they have told us that all these chemicals and pollutants in our air and water and the toxic drugs we all take are safe. We can’t see anything visibly wrong with them – so they must be safe right!

Believe that if you wish, but you might want to get a bit more knowledge about the subject and then make a decision. Isn’t our government right about everything else they tell us- hmmmm? (Really BIG LAUGH here!)

Of course, if you want the government to do your thinking for you and tell you what to do, well go ahead then and listen to all the regular news media.

I know which course I am taking – how about YOU?


Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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